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Read more: | How do indoor growers justify the high capital expense of LED lights? Lighting is a big consideration when it comes to operating cost of indoor farming. While CAPEX for LED’s is higher than other lighting types (such as HID), LEDs significantly lower OPEX – so much so, in fact, that LEDs become far less costly in the long term. Of you plan on staying in business for more than three years, the return of investment for LEDs outweighs the cost. —————– Link to lighting guide & other ebooks: Ebooks and Guides —————– Timestamps/What Covered: 1:12 The starting price of LED grow lights 1:37 What does CAPEX OPEX mean for investing in grow lights 3:05 CAPEX OPEX rough example 5:17 When you start seeing a return of investment on LED grow lights 5:45 Consider how long you want to be in business 6:14 LED’s are more durable than traditional fixtures —————– Connect with Bright Agrotech: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: —————– Music by: Scott Gratton Related PostsIllumitex Horticulture LEDs in World’s largest Indoor Vertical Farm!LEDs for Indoor FarmersMarijuana Growing Time Lapse Video LED’s BEAT HID!LED’s, HVAC, & Breakthrough Innovations | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Vertical Farms in Multi-Level Controlled-Environment Greenhouses using Hydroponics & Red/Blue LED’sFarm Basics #940 Cost of Farming (Air Date 4/10/16)


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  • Indoor Orchids and Tropicals 11 months ago

    LEDs ARE FABULOUS FOR ORCHIDS if you get the high powered kind. Never get t5ho if you want to grow anything needing higher than 'oncidium light' T5ho sucks and puts out way too much heat and you don't have any headroom. I tell everyone to get LEDs if they are going to grow under lights. Thanks for these videos. I'll be directing people here for more info.

  • Larry Diaz 11 months ago

    What about Fluorescent Light fixtures? I searched your whole channel and can't seem to find a video that talks about using Fluorescent lights. Do you not recommend them or don't like them? I've seen countless Hydroponic video channels using Fluorescent lighting and they do quite well, are cheaper than LED's and don't give off much heat. What say you about Fluorescent lighting for hydroponics?

  • Ben Rodman 11 months ago

    Wait though… I don't think it's accurate to imply that LED lighting is 1:1 equivalent to HIDs, at least not yet. Their intensity isn't quite comparable and if you're rearing fruiting crops or crops that require much canopy penetration, you'll need more fixtures to compete fairly. Additionally there are so many poor-quality LED fixtures out there that buyers who don't do a LOT of research are easily swindled: one needs to select a high-quality fixture with at LEAST 3W bulbs to even begin to be comparable. With the LED market evolving so quickly as you note, the economy of simply waiting with existing proven HID technology for even just 5 years of advancement in LED technology will almost certainly offer some compelling numbers compared to pulling the trigger on a major investment like LEDs that will be pretty out-of-date in 5 or 10 years, and still underperform compared to HIDs (electrical costs notwithstanding). Don't get me wrong, I'm a big LED fan and they are unmistakably the future. But they still are the perfect solution for some grows, not all grows. Areas with high electrical costs and grows where heat mitigation are considerations for example LEDs already are probably the best choice.

  • Bill Payne 11 months ago

    what about CMH a 315W is = to a 600wt HPS

  • Kevin Wright 11 months ago

    More great information! This year is the experimental greenhouse, 18 x 30 aquaponics. Next Spring will be the commercial greenhouse in the 4,000 square foot size. We will be in touch, you have great information!!

  • Solomon Kane 11 months ago

    I get leds on ebay for $70 that work great.

  • FOR8YESHUA 11 months ago

    Black marker/s please