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Measuring and adjusting the pH, temp, humidity, contents of nutrient tank. Logging all above and the amount of Lumen together with date & time on a SD card. All is outputted on a 3.2″ TFT touchscreen. Video Rating: / 5 Growing weed basics – Grow guide + coaching – Equipment/Supplies List – High Definition (HD) Weed Grow Images and Updates – Facebook – Google+ – Pinterest – Tumblr – Summary – Progress on my plants is looking really good. Back right plant gave me a bit of a scare due to a weak stalk problem, but now it looks like it’s pushed through any problems it might had. Also in this video I go over topping my front left plant, what I do to clean out my hydro system and how often to do it, and finally how I set up my scrog and whether it’s required or not. If you have any questions or comments about my hydro weed grow, make sure you post them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Happy growing! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts4 DIY Hydroponics Systems (Rotating Garden, Ebb Flow Flood & Drain, Arduino Controller, Mini Tanks)Self Optimising Automated Arduino based Nutrient Doser HydroponicsArduino Raspberry Pi Automated Indoor Farming Control and Data MonitoringArduino Raspberry Pi Automated Indoor Farming Control and Data MonitoringNEW! OpTic Greenwall Scuf Controller 4PS Unboxing! @ScufGaming @OpTicGamingEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

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  • Andrew Currin 11 months ago

    wow, very nice, briefly considered this but wifi serial adapters so cheap I think much easier to wifi it to a PC as opposed to touchscreen…but the touch screen is way cool for stand alone

  • TheBrizkys 11 months ago

    Sir, i'm curious about your pH monitoring…. How long pH sensor can handle continous monitoring before it can't meauring your pH accurately? I need to know about pH sensor endurance. Thank you :)

  • John Stevens 11 months ago

    No nutrient control? Slack man, very slack. All you need is a peristaltic pump and some idea how to work Arduino! I'm very jealous, you may have inspired me to teach myself how to do this stuff. Wicked to know this was possible years ago….what can be done towards 2016?!

  • Kyle Pfromer (Kpfromer) 11 months ago

    Would a tkinter application be better for the display on a raspberry pi? Tkinter on the raspberry pi is much faster! Tkinter being an python module for TCL…

  • Maxwell Goodacre 11 months ago

    I need something like this for my bioreactor to monitor it while I'm away, data log, and send me a warning if there is a problem.

  • Nice display. Who makes it?

  • Manuel H. 11 months ago

    this is great, one piece I am looking for. My mother is a turtle breeder and I like to setup a system to control what they need. Air, temp and other things. Will be a big project for me and I dont know if I will be able todo it myself. As I am no programmer. Well I try :)

  • rafraf 11 months ago

    Hello Bill,
    Can you buld it for me?

  • salvador nieto sanchez 11 months ago

    hello just got a touch screen 3.2 " with 74HC573D WBYJB02 microcontroller but I can not make it work because I do not have an exact diagram Connection Could someone provide me with a digram of how to connect?

  • Art Garden 11 months ago

    Thanks Tom! I could use this, how much to build? Can we link it to an app?

  • Very nice work, hope I've got enough electronics knowledge to do this one day. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marcos Kotona 11 months ago

    dear Sir
    please share your LIBRARY of ARDUINO to make this LCD works, and if was possibel, share examples codes too

  • dragofera 11 months ago

    is it possible to use a touch screen with this and output to a computer like say for a keyboard

  • Julian Rodrigues Silva 11 months ago

    Hi, which sensors you used?

  • Tom De Bie 11 months ago

    please check the ARDUINO FORUM…Read below…

  • dvdzen 11 months ago

    Hi Tom

    Greath work can you give us more detail on the componets you used ?

  • dxhydro1 11 months ago

    Thanks for posting your project. Did you design it? If you want to add CO2 enrichment to go along with your fan control find a CO2 sensor with analog 0-10v or 0-4v output (I've got them avail) -you can find brand new Telaire & sensair sensors for 50-100 on FeeBay.
    Searching for the project right now. Thanks again!
    PS- If you want my CO2 control code, send message. DX

  • turczyn2000 11 months ago

    great! 🙂 just starting my own project now. thx for sharing!

  • IPC Maui 11 months ago

    you ever take the rockwall out when its growing?

  • Anthony Roundtree 11 months ago

    What's Ajright here,

    I'm new to this and a lot to learn. My grow box is only 3ft tall not a lot of room. I bought Distilled Water do I have to adjust the Ph or is it good to go?

  • bev head 11 months ago

    fiming is better than topping.

  • barndogusn 11 months ago

    Couple things… First of all, you talk like the handicapped son from Breaking Bad. No, that's not a compliment. Secondly, you're trying to start a hydro scrog with plants from seed that aren't even mature. It's best to use clones from a mature plant, your seedlings look like shit for hydro. I get faster growth rates than this from soil. Are you using CFL to flower also? That screen you made looks like shit, are you mildly retarded or just super high? This is exactly what's wrong with cannabis growing advice on the internet, people who don't know what the fuck they are doing giving others advice.

  • Luke “BLACKPROJECT” Nash 11 months ago

    Did you have the water pump on at the beginning 24/7

  • Slab Ridah 11 months ago

    Love your vids. Bout to start in a week or two. I'm following your lead so if I mess up its on THC Digest. Lol naw just kidding. But I am growing just like yours. Try anyway. Hey wat do you use to keep the smell down?

  • tinktwiceman 11 months ago

    I'm interested in seeing how you lift up the lid & take the reservoir from under it. Seems like a tedious process for one person especially if the plants are under a Sprog.  So it def be nice to see how you do it, just to get an idea.

  • tinktwiceman 11 months ago

    +THC Digest Can you please please make a video showing how you Change Your Solution/Nutrients & clean your reservoir. I'm interested on how you approach it with the Bubbleponic. Also do you change your PH in the reservoir? Million Thanks!

    ps that one picture was very helpful! would love a video

  • mowgliinthenite 11 months ago

    what are the strings for? and why did you only grow 2 plants?

  • THC Digest 11 months ago

    Monitor the pH and balance it, that's the only daily thing I do.

  • THC Digest 11 months ago

    No, I've gotten lots of positive feedback about the current way I've done it. My previous videos will always be available to you as well.

  • THC Digest 11 months ago

    I leave it as is… temps between 60-75

  • graveytk 11 months ago

    Q. Are you keeping your water maintained at a certain degree or just leaving as is?

  • Morgan Freeman 11 months ago

    Can u explain what u have to do the plant daily order for it to survive

  • 67nooon6767 11 months ago

    I prefer the video also:). haply, I started my 1st grow with you. I hope we can make it right together.

  • mr420ruler 11 months ago

    instead of pictures

  • mr420ruler 11 months ago

    can you start making videos of your plants again please.. i find it easyer to understand

  • THC Digest 11 months ago

    Yeah they can die if the water's never changed although I've never experienced that. The main reason they'd die though is probably because the water would become a toxic environment for them.

  • victor espitia 11 months ago

    Can your plants die if you dont change the water or what happens to them