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Aquaponics System Made With All Recycled Parts That Is Supported By Found Concrete Blocks. 1 One Hundred And Twenty Gallon ( 454 liters ) Glass Tank 1 Plastic 55 Gallon ( 208 liters ) Barrel 1 Water Pump 1 Air Pump 4 8′ Long 2″x4″ Wood Beams 6 Concrete Blocks Using An Old 120 Gallon ( 454 liters ) Glass Aquarium Tank, And A Few Other Items, You Can Produce Healthy Food Anywhere! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyAquaponics Systems Explained | Hydroponic Gardening With FishDIY Aquaponics Indoor Systems – (Aquarium Fish Tank, Vertical Farming and Mini Tanks)Aquaponics Grow Tower (Tips and Tricks On Growing Vertically with Fish)Pee Pee-ponics experiment results- hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.Urban Organics Aquaponics Doesn’t Use Raw Fish Poop as Fertilizer

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  • TheOpelkoenjas 6 months ago

    Roling sleeves up here and going to clean up a perfect spot for a system like this. I got an indoor system right now, a very VERY small one, but I'm looking for something outside to grow more vegies in it as I have to feed 3 mouths.


  • Aquarium Hobby 6 months ago

    at the minute 2:15 I see the plan pot is stay over the grow bed so the water will not reach or go through the plan pot, so how the plan feed from the water?

  • gidro bylmatoxa 6 months ago


  • meosan77 6 months ago

    I would like to speak to you regarding your idea

  • Thomas keider 6 months ago

    that is pretty awesome!

  • SwOosH91 Just For Fun 6 months ago

    Hahahaha bro the plants feed the fish. Way over your head bud hahah.

  • Spance Man 6 months ago

    the fish and tank should be inside somewhere and get a strong pump to ship the water etc,,,,those fish dont look happy and tank isnt clean enough,,,man u c some of these guys their huge plastic tanks with clear wzter doing the same,,,tank should be a showpiece and food be elsewhere, ,just my opinion,,not hatin,,,i like how he stacked the stuff,,very cheap and affordable,,,might try that set up,,but inside and use lights! ,

  • Rendy Kediri 6 months ago

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  • Somkit 6 months ago

    He said it was a completely self-sustaining system, but I didn't hear about how the fish get their nutrients. If it is completely self-sustaining, fish food is not added, so how is it done?

  • Andrew K 6 months ago

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  • sectumsempra14 6 months ago

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  • Gilbart Rasnick 6 months ago

    Should you want to build an useful, fundamental, efficient and cost-effective aquaponics system, you ought to discover ways to put it all together and remain it properly.

  • Deirdre Morrissey-Berru 6 months ago

    The fish tank water is so dirty you need a UV sterilizer to kill off the green algae. The fish are in dirty, harmful water.

  • OHLE312 6 months ago

    have some green houses back home with 500 gal pools

  • Amit Patkar 6 months ago

    how do you control the algae growing in the fish tank?

  • fac4 marketing4 6 months ago

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  • Kent Lucky Buhawe 6 months ago

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  • MANESCOOPTV EB 6 months ago

    Hello!! Awesome! What adjustments need to be made for a 90 gallon with a stand? The two barrel halves will not fit across it. Thanks

  • PapaSeanX5 6 months ago


  • Hoa Muyi 6 months ago

    I've written down the detail by detail Do it yourself aquaponics system that all beginner can simply use.