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Aquaponics Systems / Hydroponics Systems – Learn To Build your own Aquaponics System or Hydroponics System at home today with this great guide Aquaponics is a new way of approaching farming. Unlike traditional agriculture where you needed plants to grow vegetables, with aquaponics you need water and fish in order to have healthy food on your table each and every day. Basically, aquaponics relies on the interdependence between fish and plants: the fish produces bio-nutrients for the plants, while the plants clean the water, creating a perfect environment for the fish to grow and develop. It is a blend of aquaculture and hydroponics that has plenty of advantages. If you need some reasons to get your own aquaponic system started, then here are some of the advantages you will get once you assemble it. First of all you will have fresh organic food on your table each and every day, regardless of the hour when you decide to cook your meals. You simply take your tomato, cucumber of your basil from the aquaponic “field” and use it for your meals. It is as easy as it sounds. The second best thing about it is that you not only grow vegetables, but you also have plenty of fish. Whether you want them for cooking tasty meals or simply for your décor, they are a great addition in your home! They also have a practical purpose, as you will never have to use chemical fertilizers on your plants, thus obtaining real organic food. If you ask how difficult is this system to put in practice, the answer is extremely simple. Not only will you be able to assemble it all by yourself, without the help of your family or neighbors, but you can also put it wherever you want. If you […]

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  • Phima Bina 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you must buy "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which can be costly.

  • Karsten Christensen 1 year ago

    Thank you for your review, I myself have just purchased 4 15 hole system and 1 8 huls system. Looking forward to getting started. Might supplement with the lid is to prevent algae growth. looking forward to seeing your next video.:)

  • coringillingham 1 year ago

    Hows your weed doing pinky? :D

  • Small Green Pinky 1 year ago

    It worked, we have things growing!

    We have already shot footage for part 2, showing putting the seedling plugs into the main growing unit and as I type this we actually have the video in editing. Hopefully it'll be ready to put up this weekend!