Aquaponics Systems Explained | Hydroponic Gardening With Fish
backyard greenhouse aquaponics
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Aquaponics is one of the best ways to produce fresh vegetables and fruits and, at the same time, sustain a freshwater fish system. Aquaponics overcomes many common disadvantages of traditional (otherwise known as “dirt”) vegetable gardens while utilizing and improving upon the use of a closed freshwater fish systems.
Now why would anyone be interested in aquaponics anyway? Here are some of the main advantages:

1. Grows Faster
In comparison with other methods of gardening, aquaponic gardening generally sees faster rates of growth. Plants have the ability to grow twice as fast when compared to traditional soil-based gardening, and you can yield anywhere from 5 to 20 times as much food in less time.

2. You will end up with both fish and vegetables or fruits to consume or sell.

3. Easy To Operate : It’s not too difficult to set up your own aquaponic system.
The most difficult part of an aquaponics system is building it in the first place (if you don’t purchase a pre-made model). When it comes to maintaining the efficiency of your system, 95 per cent of it is auto-mated. You won’t have to experience the kind of backbreaking work that’s required in traditional soil-based gardening.

4. Much Healthier And Tastier
It’s a fact that many of the fruits and vegetables in our food supply chain are riddled with different chemicals which can be harmful to the long-term health of human beings.

5. Low Operation Costs
When you purchase a pre-made aquaponics system, it can often run into the thousand dollar mark for just a basic media-based aquaponics system. However, if you were to build your own system, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. It’s also very straightforward and simple.
Once that’s done, the costs of maintaining your aquaponics system is very low. The main things you need are stock fish, fish food and plant seeds. If you plan on having your system placed indoors, then you need to account of lighting electricity also.

6. Offers An Alternative Source Of Income
When you’ve gained the experience of having a simple and basic aquaponics system, you may want to upscale your system to make some extra money on the side. Using aquaponics for commercial purposes is a different subject than using it for personal reasons.

7. Aquaponics systems can be built in smaller places.

Aquaponics Systems Explained | Hydroponic Gardening With Fish
backyard greenhouse aquaponics

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Aquaponics Systems Explained | Hydroponic Gardening With Fish

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