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This system was built on the campus of John Brown University and is a research project for our senior design. It is now installed at Hidden Creek Opportunity Center (Sponsors) in Little Rock Arkansas. To see the completed system and official video: Related PostsHow to build a hydroponic solar powered vertical rotating towerSolar Powered Aquaponic GroPockets – Vertical Gardening.Hydroponic Solar Powered Vertical Vegetable GardenVertical School Garden Powered by SolarHydroponics Vegetable Gardening (PVC) Solar Powered Automatic Watering System (NFT)HYDROPONICS SYSTEMS BEING POWERED BY SOLAR ENERGY

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  • Alex Jack 1 year ago

    "Iceberg lettuce" needs cool temperatures, and basil needs really warm temperatures, thus, the reason your basil did not do well!

  • Dennis R. 1 year ago

    Hi gunnar, thanks a lot for your turtorial videos of your hydroponic system! i was so inspiered that i want to try this summer to biult up also 4 of this towers. i have only one question. if i put lettuce or basil, will there be enove place for the greens when they have reached their full size? thank you and many greatings from germany ; )

  • samir sinanovic 1 year ago

    I've been researching into aquaponics and found a great website at Keiths Ponics Site (google it if you're interested)

  • Jacob Padilla 1 year ago

    Hey Gunnar I was wondering if you had any wild temperature swings with this design since there isn't a big body of water to maintain it

  • lozko karamitev 1 year ago

    Thanks excellent video. Beautifully done. The best setups that I have
    found was at Aqua garden plans (i googled it) it was the most awesome
    tank system that I got to grow.

  • Jack of Knives 1 year ago

    hey Gunnar,
    I'm just wondering what did you use for plumbing the irrigation system. are there tutorials available for that? thanks!

  • AK's RULE!! 1 year ago

    mm Cringy.

  • Jim Gale 1 year ago

    man, this is awesome. I'd like to talk with you about incorporating your system, with your consulting in to out PermaCubeRevolution please email me if you are interested

  • Tom Holland 1 year ago


  • Vijay Rumao 1 year ago

    Hi Gunnar, Nice project. Did you custom build the wooden frame to hang pipes for your project or did you buy it ? Thanks

  • Jonas Schießl 1 year ago

    Gunnar, thanks for sharing this. Your resources were one reason to get started with Aquaponics last year. I actually covered you and your towers in a blog post where I introduce another variant of creating similar towers. Let me know if this is fine by you.

  • Ирина Столярчук 1 year ago

    Hydroponics based on Arduino

  • aomanchutube 1 year ago

    I have various videos on solar panels powering a high amperage 12VDC pump using supercapacitors. The capacitors can be cycled millions of times down to 0 volts. In other videos I show how a simple set of diodes across each capacitor prevents over voltage. Basically diodes activate at a certain voltage which makes them better than resistors at balancing out the voltages in the pack. $17 vs $200 for a battery. I use the capacitors to run either constantly (limited by the solar panel out put) or intermittently (much higher voltages/current for short bursts of a few minutes at a time)

  • reinux 1 year ago

    Do you have the water running off to either side of the pipe, or just straight down the middle? Could you maybe upload photos or videos of the trickle?

  • MP Kamizo 1 year ago

    try a 12 Volts Pump with Permanentmagnet Motor , gives u more than 1 Gallon per Minute and Costs u about 25 Dollar. all this AC Invertor things are not ECO , like this u need also a smaller solarsystem

  • Moonchild of Orcamoon 1 year ago

    This could feed the world

  • Alexander Gallegos 1 year ago

    It could be that the other plants didnt do so well because of high sensitivity to ammonia and/or nitrites. yeah?

  • TTHR 1 year ago

    what is the purpose of the fish ?
    Do you need to feed them seperatly or do they eat from left overs from out of the plants ?
    i dont get it , :/

  • Faleh alarabi 1 year ago

    very nice system and very well explained which make it looks easy to understand. i'm wondering if the towers are filled with dirt ? or just the plants cups ?