G’Day Folks. We’ve finally have some FISH!!
In this clip, I run through how we moved the new fish & what the feed rates we’re using for the Jade perch. Also included a quick look at our first big greens harvest from the system & planting out of some new greens.
Below you’ll also find links for feed rates of other popular aquaponics fish used around the world. 🐟👍

Hope you enjoy this quick update & your gardens are booming.
Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅


“Development of a Health Management Strategy for the
Silver Perch Aquaculture Industry”
Silver Perch feed rates on page 195
Food & Agriculture Feed rate chart for multiple species,

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Aquaponics System | NEW FISH, Feed Rates & MORE 🐟🌱🌱

| Vertical farming | 17 Comments
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  • Daniel Sch.

    will fish like tilapa actually breed on theyr own ? and what about the fish you added are they reproducing in that tank ?

  • Vedrfolnir

    Hi Rob! Here's a thought to cause some mischief:
    For all you fellow Aqua{creed} types: Looking at fish pellets: "Purina AquaMax Pond Fish 4000" (For Tilapia & Catfish)… Look at the Guaranteed Analysis list. Then look at the Guaranteed Analysis percentages list for "Purina Cat Chow Complete Cat Food". Look again at the Guaranteed Analysis of the AquaMax 4000….:
    Then compare the $/lb Cat Chow vs $/lb fish pellets.
    — Physicist

  • noah milam

    Im new to aquaponics and was wondering the reason for how deep your grow bed is and could you make it not as deep or does that screw up growth of the roots?

  • Michael Kelley

    Hey Rob!

    Long-time fan, I really appreciate your videos and positive attitude! I know you're big on using evidence based approaches, thought you might like this article on changing feeding schedules to improve weight gain efficiency and water quality. Short version: use the same amount of feed, but split it into multiple feedings per day, you can hit up to a 5% increase in fish growth and 10% to plant growth

    Jung-Yuan Liang & Yew-Hu Chien, Effects of feeding frequency and photoperiod on water quality and
    crop production in a tilapia water spinach raft aquaponics system, International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, Issue 85, 2013, Pages 693-700

    If you can't get access to it for free, let me know and I'll sort it.

  • Lukas Liwandouw

    Bob, my dad just got into Aquaponics and i want to help him. The Fish Emulsion that you showed is not sold here. Should i make my own? Or should i just buy at the stores? Cheers.

  • Bow Man

    Aloha, just starting out, got a question. Ibc flip with 9 inches of red cinder and 2 inches of clay balls. How high should the water go before siphoning out? 1 inch below is where it tops off now.

  • Vedrfolnir

    Good Da' Rob! Question please: Have you tried using permeable grow bags to hold clay media in a clay-media grow bed? Would this help with cleaning roots/debris post harvest?

  • Bruce Parker

    If wild fish eat algae why do we cover fish tanks to prevent algal growth? Won't the tilapia in your tank keep the algae at bay?

  • t gillespie

    I've watched alot of your vids, and have a curious question.. what about a fruit tree. What would you need to do something like that. I have a 20 foot above ground pool as my fish tank , and I was curious if the 2 tons of fish in it would support a fruit tree like a pear tree

  • Max

    Just a heads up Rob, don't fully immerse your pH probe in the water, you may run into issues where water gets in and messes with the readings. I made that mistake and crashed my pH :O

  • TaffytheGreat

    I thought you didn’t have any soil at all in the aquaponic system? I thought seeds wood grow in the rock wool or those clay balls.

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