aquaponics system design | diy aquaponics | aquaponics systems

Aquaponics system design
aquaponics system design | diy aquaponics | aquaponics systems

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Aquaponics uses fish, water and NO soil to grow all of your fruits, vegetables and herbs. In an integrated Aquaponics system, aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants) are combined – with great success. In bringing together both systems, Aquaponics capitalizes on the benefits and eliminates the drawbacks of each.

How does Aquaponics work?

By combining the process of raising fish and plants, a mutually beneficial relationship is established between the plant life and the fish. The fish waste and uneaten food act as fertilizer for the plant life. The plants grow in beds with their roots in the nutrient rich water and provide a natural filtering system for the fish.

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aquaponics system design | diy aquaponics | aquaponics systems

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