G’Day Folks. Here’s a look at the almost dismantled aquaponics system & a small mango harvest from the tree out the back.
Will bring you an update on the new aquaponics system next week. 😁
**Crosses Fingers**
Hope you enjoy this quick update & your gardens are booming.
Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅

How to set up an aquaponics grow bed,

Mango picker,

Aquaponics Q&A from YouTube Stories


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Aquaponics System Bed Clean & Mango Harvest

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  • David Kirkland

    What if you left it all out to dry (clay, roots, plants, etc) then use fire? The clay won't burn, but everything else would turn to ash and be easier to separate. This theory is untested. I didn't think of it until after I cleaned out my aquaponics system the last time.

  • Lester Zirbel

    Hi Rob, Thanks for your great videos. I saw recently that you mentioned that you use magnet drive pumps for your system. Can I ask what brand you use?? I need to upgrade my pump.

  • Amanda West

    I must say your videos are very informative and helpful. I am about to start up my own system in a greenhouse ( our winters are long and snowy) I was wondering if you had ever though about using fresh water prawns in your system to help with the solid waste ( and tasty side snack)?

  • kaoscowboy

    hi Rob, i remembered some time ago, you yourself were doing an online aquaponics course, I myself wish to learn more, are you able to provide the link to the course you were attending, many of the courses i researched online are expensive & very basic intro's, as i been doing aquaponoics for some time now, i dont wish to waste money on knowledge i already know. thank you.

  • Ian Curtis

    Hi Rob, I'm new to this game (very new) and I was wondering what you use to lower the pH in your system. You have probably covered this in a previous video so if you have could you send me the link and I will watch it. Thanks

  • Mio Giardino - Rosa

    Your cardamon plant, are the leaves edible? I have one in a pot inside and am over wintering it inside and I’m fairly certain I’ll never get any seeds from it.

  • wildlife gardens sydney

    Rob, your lime, cardamom, and mango tree (please keep) look stunning. Thank you Rob and family for being kind-and sharing your produce with the desperate and starving wildlife many of which are facing extinction due to human activities and global warming.
    So many odds against our bats and flying foxes such as ; dought, heat, habitat loss from land clearing and fires, barbed wire, nets, cars, orchardists shooting them, cats and dogs.
    Any flying-fox by itself through the day is in trouble. Don’t touch but please call 0488 228 134 for Brisbane and surrounding districts or phone the nearest wildlife rescue organisation in your area. #bats #flyingfox

    Thank you to all the incredible round the clock carers like Denise from Batzilla the Bat. As she is a completely self funded volunteer, so please support her work at batzillathebat@gmail.com. Denise Wade Wade is the volunteer flying fox coordinator at Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD and will sometimes have more than 60 bats in her care. Denise gratefully accepts PayPal donations to fund her work. Here is two flying fox mango inspired clips from her YouTube Chanel
    Margie’s Mango Face https://youtu.be/AE2utFUp8ug

    and Messy Mango Munchathon https://youtu.be/U8rXavwfH3o

  • Aussie Soarer

    Ringtail possums have eaten every single rock melon our 2 vines have produced this year (about 30 so far). I know they are doin it tough but they are so greedy. They have not touched the cucumbers or capsicums, so I guess it could be worse.

  • Richard Kocis

    Rob ,noticed your coffee looked a little ruff , mine here in central Florida look almost identical , what will you be giving it to get it back in shape,their requirements are still a bit of a mystery to me .

  • Chris Meis

    I am very curious to see how you set up your sand system. I saw one at Epcot Center when we took the kids to Disney, their system is huge, but they did not go into detail describing how it was put together. They had a tomato plant the size of a tree, trellised out about 10 feet in every direction with a 2" trunk!