Aquaponics Q&A | Bell Siphons - Breeding Fish - Are Sumps Necessary + MORE

G’Day Folks. In this clip I’m running through some of the commonly asked aquaponic questions I get asked in the comment sections on YouTube. There’s tips & information for both beginner & seasoned Aquaponicists alike. 👍
You can find the links mentioned in the clip below.
Hope this clips helped answer a few questions you may of had folks.
Cheers all & Happy Growing. 🐟 🌱🍅

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Rob’s “Better Bell Siphon” Clip,

“Aquaponic nutrient model”
Thomas Peterhans 15.12.2015

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A New York company called Gotham Greens has built what its owners claim is the largest rooftop greenhouse in the world on Chicago’s far South Side. (Feb. 25)

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Aquaponics Q&A | Bell Siphons – Breeding Fish – Are Sumps Necessary + MORE

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  • Michael Laumann

    Love this guy, I haven't built mine yet, but I got the space set out and ready. I've been going through the library of Rob Bob's work and feeling froggy lol

  • Newcastle's Bed & Breakfast

    Thank you so much Rob for all your very informative clips on aquaponics. I am hooked and now in process of getting as much information to start our own. I love that stuff like old buckets and plastic containers get repurposed for tanks and filters etc. Keep up the great work. Phil & Sue

  • Paul Munger

    Hey Rob

    I am unsure in my previous comment posted or not.
    I live in Las Vegas and am curious if I had a green house in the middle of summer (118 degrees) are my fish gonna make it? (Cat fish? Trout? Tilapia? Gold fish?) should I get a water cooler system or with that not make that big of a difference?
    I have a few other questions I would love to be able to talk with you through email if possible (I know you are busy but just someone to talk with while I’m getting this set up would be a big peace of mind)
    I have found a lot of hydroponic growers out here but no one that does aquaponics
    I have a very small system to make sure I understand the basics of everything (30gal fish tank and 17gal grow bed) nothing has been put together just yet… be gather all the parts and hope to build it within the next week.
    I’m planning to build a bell siphon because I want to make sure I can but I am worried if that would mess with such a small system

    I love the channel thanks for all you do

  • Peter Rowe

    insted of fish can I use red claws in the fish tank. i ask as I breed them and have a glut and would like to grow them out to eat. Is this suitable for the system.

  • Richard Feiller

    have gleaned a lot of very good info from your videos. I've been doing aquaponics for about 10yrs. I don't know about Australia, but here in the USA southwest I have found the red lava tends to be quite alkaline 8pH or higher whereas the black is close to neutral. on the bell syphon 4ft x 4 ft grow the bell is in the center of the beds I do have a screen about 4inches larger in diameter then the bell to keep the media and roots away from the drain. the water I pumped into the beds through a perimeter PVC ring along the outside edge of the bed. I do not experience the anaerobic conditions because the water is entering from the entire perimeter and not one corner inlet. 100gal grow beds cycle 3 times per hour. Have a terrific day. and thanks again for excellent videos.

  • David Zortman

    rob, i find your site very informative and really like it. i'm just getting to hydroponics and am going to use your information very much. THANK YOU

  • Steven Connolly

    Thanks Rob. Love your work. I started my first aquaponics system (2 chop and flip IBC set ups) after being off work for 6 months with a back injury. I purchased my next system 2nd hand and modified it to be the same as my original systems. I grew Barramundi in the tanks (good eating), have enjoyed a variety of homegrown fruit, veg, and herbs. This has contributed to my rehab for my back injury. Since we are leaving Townsville (current town of abode) and moving to Bundaberg, I have donated my Aquaponics to the secondary school my daughter attended, as they were keen to add to the Aquaculture systems they already have, plus I would like to see future generations learning about Aquaponics. I have seen some fairly obvious differences between soil grown and aquaponics grown produce and am convinced aquaponics grown is a better way to grow ( aqua tomato plants twice as big and loaded with fruit as compared to soil grown planted at the same time / aqua strawberries still producing fruit 6 to 8 weeks after soil plants stopped producing).  Looking forward to setting up a bigger system with Jade Perch in Bundy in the near future.    It was your chop and flip clips that got me started……Thank you, thank you, thank you.    Regards Steve.

  • Panya Yattham

    I love your video and I'm interested to build my own Aquaponics at my backyard. BTW, Are you Liam Neeson's brother? You really like him. 🙂

  • Lee Yeomans

    Thanks for a top video Rob, you answered a few questions, and still a lot over my head 🙂 Gotta say, I had to laugh – 'bulk of our rain in Summer' made me laugh after the last couple of years ha ha!

  • Gronal

    Hi Rob,
    Can you speculate on the viability of aquaponics outdoors in the UK? Our winters are often sub-zero, we get lots of frost. I don't know an awful lot about what can grow here during which seasons, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to maintain the crop/fish balance all year round.

  • FunkyMunky224

    Hey Rob. Love the videos man. Truly Inspiring.
    Question, would you run activated charcoal in a aquaponics system?
    Do you know of anyone who does this with artificial light? (IBC systems) in the UK sunlight sucks… So… Making due.

  • umesh2063

    Hi Rob,

    Trust you are doing good.
    There are lot of discussion going on regarding what should be the fish to tank ratio, feeding ratio, how frequent should we feed the fish according to their size, etc. I mean the amount of feed fed to the fish daily per sq meter of plant growing area. some says 60-100gram of feed per sq meter per day. another example : IF the fish are being fed 1KG per day on average, the area devoted to hydroponics production should be 16.7 sq meter for a feeding rate ratio of 60 gram/sq meter/day
    There is lot of confusion. Can you please clarify this how much feed should be in the tank of 10 Litere, how much fish should be put in that tank, how much feed needs to be fed to the fish per day?
    Sorry for too many questions.

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