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Thanks for watching Israel Agriculture Technology Subscribe to watch more: An informational video about Aquaponics, the practice of combining fish farming and hyrdoponics. Purdue University Copyright by ISRAEL AGRICULTURE Do not re-up Email : Related PostsIntelligent Technology Smart Farming – Agriculture in the futureAquaponics – Tecnologia Inteligente Smart Farming, Modern Agriculture Technology:Hydroponic farm in Cambodia | Intelligent Technology Smart farming | Modern agriculture TechnologyIsrael Agriculture Technology, Smart Farming – Agriculture in the DesertSmart Technology Modern Farming | Amazing Agriculture machineSmart farming technology – The Future Of Agriculture? #part2

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  • Bhumi Prayogshala 3 months ago

    “Bhumi Prayogshala” A Mini Soil Testing Labs using the PUSA STFR technology will bring about a revolution in the agriculture sector in India.

  • Yusuf Şahan 3 months ago

    Fuckin jews . Poison all the world.they changed genetics of all vegetables and fruits.

  • Alfredo Lucena YT 3 months ago

    I've been researching into home aquaponics and discovered an awesome website at Keiths Ponics Site (check it out on google)

  • Jimy Sulivan 3 months ago

    Where is izrael actually?

  • Alpaslan Sivrikaya 3 months ago

    İn the world number one terorist Peoples live in İsraile, A lots of peoples died fuck yours self İsraile go home, yours homes in Abd fuck of

  • moureen ayeshiga 3 months ago

    Thanks very much Sir, we appreciate for sharing your knowledge. Kindly i need your help to start this i have 500$ my email: i work with URDT organisation. in Uganda.

  • John Roa 3 months ago

    Ok Ok let me type down my thoughts of this operation, then, you can formulate your own opinion.

    1) The plants do NOT receive a full spectrum of nutrients from the fish waste so nutrients like chelated iron have to be supplemented in addition to building a advanced filtration system including, biological, chemical, physical filters to account for the nitrogen cycle.

    2) High Intensity Discharge lights for fucking basil? get the fuck out of here. The basil in the video is clearly showing signs of heat stress (the curling of the leaves in a upward manner)

    3) I can go on but this operation is a joke

  • ।। क्षत्रिय कुलवंतस्य ।। 3 months ago

    Hellow sir I m form india …. Can u guide me ???? Plz sir this is email

  • Milind Thosar 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Tiarti fi Wahran 3 months ago

    تبا لكم،

  • Bhelat NASUD EPAN 3 months ago

    very creative.. thanks for the video and info.

  • Mark Pena 3 months ago

    This is boringgggggg

  • Shubham Mittal 3 months ago

    Self work self interests self style are must always

  • Shubham Mittal 3 months ago

    Self work is must always

  • Malick Seck 3 months ago

    Hi there a question please how to desalinated water when we don't have enough money to buy heavy equipment

  • Zainab Raymundo 3 months ago

    Wow nice,i studied also in aquatic school of technology,how to culture

  • Ibrahim Ali 3 months ago

    Nice work go ahead.

  • Alisa Xu 3 months ago

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