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  • TrollForge / TrollFarm 9 months ago

    I think I would go to 3/4 inch drains, still, anyway. The system is looking really good!

  • KaleidoscopeJunkie 9 months ago

    You could bring the tube between the white pipes and attach a single tee at the end of the black tube. Add two inch pieces of tubing on either side of the tee.
    Instead of running tubing through the top of the white pipe – drill holes in the sides near the top. Then the flow will be even side to side and deposited above the interior water level..

  • TrinityGamer 9 months ago

    ?_? you do realize that you can just put a 45 in another 45 to get a 90, right?

  • JT Bear 9 months ago

    Looks like it's gonna be an interesting project, can't wait to see it up & running for you!

  • Punky Rooster 9 months ago

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