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DIY Reliable Non-clogging water delivering system to aquaponics grow towers. Replaces the drip tubes that tend to clog with time! Video Rating: / 5 Find out how to make an organic, sustainable, cheap, easy, and efficient grow tower. I built this for and will grow 40 plants in 4 square feet. With the power of vermicomposting, this is a self fertilizing, and semi-self watering system. Great for patio gardeners or People tight on space. MIgardener Website Join the fun on facebook @ +1 me on Google+ @ Pin us on Pinterest @ Follow the fun on twitter @ Come tumble with us @ .99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds: ——————————————————————————————- MIgardener Website Join the fun on facebook @ +1 me on Google+ @ Pin us on Pinterest @ Follow the fun on twitter @ Come tumble with us @ Related PostsWater Delivery System for Aquaponics Grow Towers Part 2Easy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodAquaponics Vertical Grow Tower Build – Part 01How to Make a Vertical Tower for Aquaponics / Hydroponics: Part 1 MeasurmentsDeep Water Hydroponic System- Easy to Grow TomatoesAquaponic/Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower (Part 1) – Re-purposed Material

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  • Jeff Jones 1 year ago

    Michael DeLaMarre really there is far less to fail with a system like this. if you have a dozen beds you have a dozen bell siphons, with this system you flood all your beds or towers with one cycle, no siphons to hangup and clean

  • Jeff Jones 1 year ago

    very nice build. I used a 2 liter soda bottle and spray painted it black, i still get some algae but it's easy to clean with a little pea gravel in the bottle and swirl it around. also easy to adjust the dump by drilling larger and larger holes until you get it timed just right. the 2 liter bottle worked for 2 years, I changed it to a 3 liter bottle and it no longer gets the bit of water that overflows the top fill hole. also turned my flush valve sideways to the overflow tube wasn't in the way of the flush arm, in my case i used a piece of 3/8 copper tube for the flush arm, smashed the ends flat and drilled holes to attach my flush valve and weight….

  • Michael DeLaMarre 1 year ago

    Very cool system, but why not just use a bell siphon? It seems as if you would have fewer moving parts and get the same effect. Fewer moving parts = more reliable no?

  • Richard Taylor 1 year ago

    Nicely done!

  • 1sparkbuster 1 year ago

    Nice! I really liked this video and I appreciate your "cleanness". I have watched a lot of your videos and don't have to worry when my son is near that he'll hear something inappropriate. I would like to know where you find your barrels and are they food grade? I live in central WV and finding food grade barrels and IBC totes is really difficult….not to mention expensive. I have wanted to get into aquaponics for a long time. Your design is similar to Travis Hughey from My Aqua Farm but yours is neater and well thought out because he uses a plastic pop bottle to trigger his flush mechanism. Thanks again!

  • Carol London 1 year ago

    Fantastic!…thanks so much for sharing. By the way , where did you get the worms.

  • radio0bomb 1 year ago

    This might be a dumb question but, if you water the tube with the worms in it, won't they drowned?

  • Michael Collier 1 year ago

    do you just water the center pipe?

  • Valdimar Tjørnudal 1 year ago

    awsome idea.. u have a video of the result?

  • flowergirlinWard17 1 year ago

    Actually I do have a couple tips. Even a system like this needs to be at least 3 feet off the ground to prevent rabbits and ground squirrels. If possible, have at least 2 feet of smooth, bare sides to prevent animals from climbing up from the ground. If the tube has no bottom hole, do put down some 1/4" galvanized wire screen to prevent voles and moles from digging up into it from the bottom (moles will go after your worms and grubs inside the compost.) Do read the plant requirements list and place plants requiring full sun on the south and west side of the tower, (tomatoes, peppers, strawberries), and more tender plants needing some shade on the north side of the tower. (some lettuces and green onions do better in part shade.) Deer and rabbits don't usually like strong-smelling plants such as society garlic, rosemary, and lavender, so underneath or around the towers do plant the strong-smelling plants to deter their interest. I also use bits of shedded dog fur wrapped up in cloth mesh tied to my plants in my containers to deter deer and rabbits. Do some homework on the plant varieties and try to select plants for your geographical location and weather conditions. Spring and fall are the best time to grow lettuces, broccoli, celery, spinach, sweet peas, cauliflowers and cabbages, summer is best for tomatoes, peppers, and squashes. Get a good schedule of vegetable plants and when to grow and harvest them for better use of these containers. Do invest in "heirloom" varieties when possible to keep the seeds going. These also work for flowers, too. I think we might look into these as a fair project for the 4-H kids.

  • flowergirlinWard17 1 year ago

    Cost of materials + cost of soil + cost of starter plants ——– is it more than the quality of the produce? I have a problem where the total cost of materials, soil mixes, and plants is not worth the yield. I have yet to pick more than 5 strawberries. I am willing to try again, but so far I have only picked 5 strawberries and 7 (sour) tomatoes using these contraptions. And zero pumpkins. I am paying attention to this system, though. Maybe I will try it out this time. Thanks for posting!

  • hop scotch 1 year ago

    Do you need worms for this?

  • San Tan 1 year ago

    Awesome Sauce!

  • Jamison Brooks 1 year ago

    Do you got to winterize it if you plant strawberries.

  • Patrick Smith 1 year ago

    Your grower is brilliant and at 1/10th of the cost of a premed planter of smaller size. Thank you.

  • rodney adams 1 year ago

    plastic trash can work. you build a wooden box if want and drill holes that work as well too.

  • Lyon Legion 1 year ago

    this is cool, thanks a lot yo!!

  • Vaun Dinger 1 year ago

    I like space saving and would be perfect for lettuce

  • Vaun Dinger 1 year ago

    what did you do with it at the end of the season?

  • WATER DOG 1 year ago

    check out"barrel garden with worm tube" won't need to cut all those holes or use a plastic bag. luck

  • lanlanlinh 1 year ago

    great system! thanks ☺

  • El Buitre De Madrid 1 year ago

    Hi , it doesn't need some sort of drainage? 

  • ceereec 1 year ago

    Drilling holes in PVC is insanity. I find it much easier to run an electric saw through at shallow depths. It ends up looking like shark gills. Very effective for me though. Thanks for posting!

  • Arul Johnson 1 year ago

    amazing we will rock…..