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See my quick demo on what Aquaponics is and how we can use Aquaponics to get the same result but for absolutely no cost, look at my demo and how you can do it yourself…. in the Pakistan/India Region. Then try to setup a mini farm yourself… teach students etc… how how to grow vegetables without soil. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Azad Chaiwala | Entrepreneur & Business Growth Hack Expert * Subscribe Here: * Twitter: * FaceBook: * G+: * Dailymotion: * My Website: About Azad Chaiwala, Hello, I’m Azad Chaiwala, a British serial entrepreneur and businessman of Pakistani origin. Having started from nothing, I have have made products and seen them being enjoyed by over a billion people a year. # I thrive in start-up level and growth hacking is my key skill. # I spend a lot of time helping youngsters out with practical life coaching via my YouTube channel. # My main efforts are concentrated on the youth of my motherlands, Indian and Pakistan… more so Pakistan. # Most of my videos are in Urdu and Hindi… # I’m an arch enemy of useless university degrees, believe learning should not exclusively be left to formal classrooms. # Practical knowledge/experience can never be beaten and is far easier and quicker to acquire. # I teach the reality of How to Find a Job or actual work experience/skills that someone will pay you for. # Via my Channel I share my life experiences, both personal and professional # My ambition is to be doing this full time or at-least 50% of my time. # I aim to share at-least 100 easy business ideas in Urdu/Hindi. # Answer as many question on how to make money in various industries and by starting your own business. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Video […]

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  • Faishal Pathan 1 year ago

    sir i from india nice information i will try in india

  • murtaza hussain 1 year ago

    That's awesome effort bro.

  • 77turus 1 year ago

    iss main aap fish paltey hu aur uski waste se plants grow kartey hu very simple. not so difficult you just need a good filter. my pond size is 5×10 feet 4-5 feet deep, filtration area 2×5 plus height of 6 inches to grow plants. In fish you may choose Talapia or Rahu. very easy way

  • 77turus 1 year ago

    I am doing it in Pakistan

  • Hammad Malik 1 year ago

    assllam o alekum nice informative video. can you tell me where can i find duckweed in Pakistan and what we call it in Urdu or punjabi

  • HamzaLeTsPLaY Sid 1 year ago

    KaMaL bhai JaaN..//

  • AbdusSami Siddiqui 1 year ago

    plz detail men batae aqua panic k baremen

  • AbdusSami Siddiqui 1 year ago

    plz detail men batae aqua panic k baremen

  • AbdusSami Siddiqui 1 year ago

    thanks Mr shazad

  • Tripen Kumar 1 year ago

    pehle to main azad bhai ka shukriya ada karna chahta hoon, Aap ka lehza aur bat karne ka tarika bahut pasand aya. No 2- ap fish component aur equipment aur filtration (agar zarroorat hai) ko jara tafseel se batayen. Ummed hai aap inko apn eagle video main shamil karenge.
    Allah afiz
    k hindostani Dost.

  • Neerajdhanoa Dhanoa 1 year ago

    azad 22 sade indian punjabia walu bi best of luck from chandigarh punjab INDIA

  • Mohammad Aamir 1 year ago

    great bhai

  • Majid Khan 1 year ago


  • umair abbas 1 year ago

    appreciable! nice job man (y)

  • muhammad asim 1 year ago

    nice work

  • Mehran Panhwar 1 year ago

    really nice work dude

  • Shehzad Chaudhary 1 year ago

    God Bless you brother. It is a very good effort. I am also very interested in that and utilize my land in a better way. How can I contact you.

  • Ezaz Ali 1 year ago

    im going to build my greenhouse and fish farm soon,,,
    any of your Contact #? email, whatsapp? to keep in touch with you pls?
    here is my whatsapp 00971552881449


  • No One 1 year ago

    size of tank please? and little more details and drawings maybe