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Aquaponics Design | Matthew’s Courtyard System G’Day Folks. In this clip I look through an aquaponic system Matthew would like to build for his young family. We’ve already had a chat online & on the phone about some of the points covered here & he’s already redesigned the system somewhat from his original layout. I do hope that some of the points covered will help you when it comes to designing your own aquaponic system. Hope you enjoy this quick update & your gardens are booming. Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅 Rob Building a Backyard Aquaponic System Playlist, ► Aquaponic 101 Playlist, ► Radial Flow Separator & Swirl Filter Comparison, ► Subscribe Here► Would be great to see you come along & say “G’Day” when we post a clip. Our Bits Out the Back Aquaponic & Garden store & affiliate link page ► My Amazon Influencer page where you’ll find gear I use around the patch & Aquaponics listed ► You can help support us through Patreon ► One off contributions can be made to PayPal ► Thanks to all our Patreon Patrons for your ongoing support & friendship. A HUGE THANKS needs to go out tho these Super patrons for supporting our channel Rick Campbell from PineSeed Computer Repair – Data Recovery – Computer Repair and Data Recovery Servicing the Toowoomba Area (QLD Australia) Ben from Ben’s Chicken Racing Tambo (QLD Australia) Ben runs Chicken Races raising money for charity, and has an aquaponics farm too! You can check out Ben’s Facebook page here Tina from BS Ranch A homestead raising, ducks, chickens, goats + more in Oak Harbor, Washington while working on Masters of Plant Health Management with Ohio State University Grad School. Steve McAlister Not Bar Farm, LLC […]

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  • orkin abdallatyf 3 months ago


  • Brent 3 months ago

    In a lot of these systems I see on YT, there is quite a lot of green algae…especially on the ones that seem to be not particularly well maintained. Could a person use algae eating fish added to the tanks to clean that up? I don't see any vids about using them in these systems for some reason. How about using crustaceans to help further utilize the solids before the water leaves the fish tank (or directly afterwards in the filter or a tank between the fish tank and the filter. I would think that crayfish would clean most of that sediment the filter catches right up. Maybe also fresh water mussels?

  • Eco Geek 3 months ago

    Gday Rob.

  • mjhuntnfish 3 months ago

    Hey rob… my setup is basically the same as your second system.. all IBC based.. and your bell siphon tutorial gave me a hassle free start up… loved the vid and your beard is cracking on nicely…. cheers…

  • Christopher Staples 3 months ago

    yeh keep the pumps out of the fish tanks they get clogged up fast

  • Afuno Ibrahim 3 months ago

    I love the detailed explanations on your videos Rob. Thanks.

  • YariNaKayo 3 months ago

    Hi Sir.. do you have a aquaponics design that dont need a water pump? just to save electricity.. :).. Thanks in advance

  • ArtisanBARD 3 months ago

    Wow thank you for this info!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Needed this

  • PhotoshopVT 3 months ago

    really helpful stuff, this has exactly what I was looking for

  • Propagation Station 3 months ago

    Who’s the 1 hater? People have no passion if they did they’d know what Rob puts in to these vids for us all to benefit!!

  • MrDenver18 3 months ago

    Thank you for sharing. You are the best!

  • 50 shades of green 3 months ago

    good day to you my gardening & Aquaponic friend, excellent video today Rob !!

  • Changes in Latitude Changes in Attitude 3 months ago

    Could you one day do a bit on the fish tank " window" ….how to make sure it is both watertight and fish/food safe.

  • ArufuPonics 3 months ago

    great video Rob, I'm totally onboard with your ideas and suggestions. Love the animation work you did. I have wanted to do something similar for my videos but cant really find a programs thats good for it. which programs did you use ?

  • mzmadman 3 months ago

    Dr Rob, thank you for the inspiration. I think the second system is more user friendly and simple to maintain.