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G’Day Folks. Here are 3 of the easiest DIY aquaponics systems configurations you can build yourself. All of these systems can be added to or tweaked to increase the amount of fish & veggies you can grow for you & your family. 🐟🍅🥦🌱 Don’t forget to check out the helpful DIY & 101 Aquaponics Playlists down below. 👍 Hope you enjoy this quick update & your gardens are booming. Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅 Rob Subscribe Here► Would be great to see you come along & say “G’Day” when we post a clip. Playlists, Starting An Aquaponics System ► Aquaponics 101- FAQ & Tutorial Clips ► Our Bits Out the Back Aquaponic & Garden store & affiliate link page ► My Amazon Influencer page where you’ll find the gear I use around the patch & Aquaponics listed ► You can help support us through SubscribeStar ► One off contributions can be made to PayPal ► Thanks to all our YouTube & SubscribeStar supporters for your ongoing support & friendship. A HUGE THANKS needs to go out tho these Super Supporters for supporting our channel, Rick Campbell from PineSeed Computer Repair – Data Recovery – Computer Repair and Data Recovery Servicing the Toowoomba Area (QLD Australia) Ben from Ben’s Chicken Racing Tambo (QLD Australia) Ben runs Chicken Races raising money for charity, and has an aquaponics farm too! You can check out Ben’s Facebook page here Tina from BS Ranch A homestead raising, ducks, chickens, goats + more in Oak Harbor, Washington while working on Masters of Plant Health Management with Ohio State University Grad School. Steve McAlister MRWS Instruments – Cigar Box Guitar Emporium Specialising in parts and accessories for handmade instruments. CBG • BASS • GUITAR Ralph F Barnes Jr Aqua Gardening […]

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  • Larry Hartman 8 months ago

    Needs captions

  • Enmanuel Morillo 8 months ago

    Hi Bob. I would like to know, how often do you clean your biofilter?

  • dra7mads 8 months ago

    Amazing video. Thanks Rob.

  • Dale Modisette 8 months ago

    Here one of my favorite mockups/setups though one would need a bigger backyard. 😉 Green Society Aquaponics:

  • Conqueror Rising 8 months ago

    great info. thank you kindly

  • Nathan GardenFawkes 8 months ago

    Excellent #Aquaponics video Mr Rob 🙂 Very well presented and easy to digest 😀

  • Garry Hoonhout 8 months ago

    Hi Rob…. Do you ever have an issue with fingerlings going up through your SLO back into you filter

  • Kindred Network 8 months ago

    Almost time to get fish for the system… Got your fish yet Rob? I've found 100 Silvers from Abington for $130 + postage.

  • VMFRD Engineering 8 months ago

    For the folks that have the pump inside the fish tank, like I do, a electrical float switch is a must have because they are cheap and can prevent water loss by accident and fish loss if there's a leak somewhere on the system, not to mention the fact that you can burn your pump too if it is running dry. You can set the water level that the float switch will actually trip the pump (turn it off). If you want to go a bit further, a relay can be use to switch a backup air compressor in case the pump is switched off.

  • Daddykirbs Farm - A Homesteading Story 8 months ago

    What a great overview of the different systems! I'm holding onto my dream of doing a Texas Aquaponics project someday. Thanks for all your hard work Rob!

  • xionix4 8 months ago

    I always enjoy your explanations. 🙂 I remember that I have been fascinated by liquids flowing through tubes and components as a concept (haven't had too much exposure or in-person experience with the phenomenon) since I was a five year old. It's why I answered that I wanted to be a chemist (among so many other things, lol). In recent years, I've come to love plants as well. And fish are one of my favorite food sources (but I don't know how attached I'd get). Your channel is like a window into a part of my desired future. Thanks for so much great content. ^.^ Also, your beard is longer than mine now, I think. I had suggested to you not to shave it previously when you had brought up the topic, but I don't want you to feel like your personal life is dictated by this community, so I'm revising my statement to "I'll race you," though it appears you've already won, lol. Take care.

  • cricketol 8 months ago

    how do you deal with mosquitos with your sump tank

  • Neil Calliou 8 months ago

    Another awesome vid Rob! I like the new intro , and can't wait to see those upcoming component vids! I really love your take on aquaponics. Take care man!

  • Ed Zollo 8 months ago

    Great clip, really good at showing the different systems at a high level. With your links to the specific elements of the system for more detail you have become the one stop shop for aquaponics education. Will be starting on a chop and flip system soon as my entry into aquaponics.
    Looking forward to you getting chickens again. You actually gave me inspiration to get chickens which have surprised me with how entertaining they are.
    Keep up the great work on educating people in what can be achieved in a backyard.

  • Rob, you mentioned pest and it got me to thinking. What types of pest treatments are safe to use in aquaponics? Are things like neem oil safe? I just never thought of that part before. I'm sure even if you are careful some of it still ends up in the water.

  • David Plowman 8 months ago

    Thanks, Rob, nice, helpful vid. I'm just getting started on my 2nd go at backyard Aqua-P. I even have an electric pump this time! Yeah, before I would put the fish-water in a bucket and hoist it up with ropes and pulleys to circulate through a micro-system. Educational, somewhat effective. Very nice hat, man.

  • Wes Ledford 8 months ago

    I’m really gonna consider some of these for our next redesign this winter. Thanks rob!

  • don simpkins 8 months ago

    hi robdone you have any classes or tours ?

  • Sal Weiner 8 months ago

    I love this. Thank you for explaining it so clearly!!!