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G’Day Folks. This week we saw the last of the concrete being poured around the house. While I was there I took the chance to give you a bit of a look at the ripening coffee cherry & a few points of interest on the “Aquaponics”. Hope you enjoy this quick update & your gardens are booming. Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅 Rob Concrete work by Melgus Construction Thanks Gus & Steve 👍 “Aquaponic nutrient model : a daily material flow analysis approach” paper Subscribe Here► Would be great to see you come along & say “G’Day” when we post a clip. Our Bits Out the Back Aquaponic & Garden store & affiliate link page ► My Amazon Influencer page where you’ll find gear I use around the patch & Aquaponics listed ► You can help support us through SubscribeStar ► One off contributions can be made to PayPal ► Thanks to all our Patreon Patrons for your ongoing support & friendship. A HUGE THANKS needs to go out tho these Super patrons for supporting our channel Rick Campbell from PineSeed Computer Repair – Data Recovery – Computer Repair and Data Recovery Servicing the Toowoomba Area (QLD Australia) Ben from Ben’s Chicken Racing Tambo (QLD Australia) Ben runs Chicken Races raising money for charity, and has an aquaponics farm too! You can check out Ben’s Facebook page here Tina from BS Ranch A homestead raising, ducks, chickens, goats + more in Oak Harbor, Washington while working on Masters of Plant Health Management with Ohio State University Grad School. Steve McAlister Not Bar Farm, LLC from Northeast Georgia USA Low input, small scale, local farming MRWS Instruments – Cigar Box Guitar Emporium Specialising in parts and accessories for handmade instruments. CBG • […]

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  • Big K 1 month ago

    Back in my day they wheel barrowed concrete. They are to lazy now.

  • Hows ur mushrooms going rob?

  • ajsaberify 1 month ago

    Hi Rob where do you buy the fish hydrolysate from?

  • Montgomery's Garden 1 month ago

    Your never boring ❤

  • Eco Geek 1 month ago

    Great video Rob. Getting the job done properly, as always. With timers and permanent bed outlet, cleaning the roots is an external job for me – just twist off the outlet, pull the entire root mass out with one hand in one go, and reattach the outlet. Also, varying the timer length allows you to limit the time the beds spend submerged. At higher latitudes that can really make a difference in winter and can be less demanding on energy.

  • Shane Forsythe 1 month ago

    hi Rob, just to let you know a local concreter's trick, : you can sprinkle wet wood chips over concrete to make it cure slower and not crack.

  • Shane Forsythe 1 month ago

    thank you rob I just learnt something. I didn't know fruit of coffee was edible (might be something to do with being a southerner too far south for coffee plants to survive winter.

  • Naughty Goat Farm 1 month ago

    Awesomeness mate

  • davidlee0817 1 month ago

    Looking nice Rob,,,them ole boys do great work,,,,soon you’ll b enjoying it,

  • Neil Calliou 1 month ago

    Things are looking awesome. That's quite the jungle indeed. I bet the family and you , are looking forward to getting back home. Take care man!

  • Benjamin Reid 1 month ago

    Thank you for posting the video Rob, I enjoyed it. Cheers!

  • Tonje Stolpestad 1 month ago

    I have to say I love these renovation updates. I think it is coming along great and as someone who is still just renting and wishing I had a house of my own I can kind of live vicariously through you.

  • Bigelow Brook Farm (Web4Deb) 1 month ago

    looking good. Are they going to cut any stress cracks in the concrete? You don't have frost to worry about so we usually have to so the different areas can float without getting random cracks showing up.

  • anthony marasco 1 month ago

    Like to know more about your coffee plant and what you do to keep it going. I have very small coffee plant made it through its second year.. not doing great . Could use your advice. Ty

  • I actually like the period of no fish. It gives ideas of different ways to keep the system going when life happens and for some reason you can't have fish.

  • Jason Seekoei 1 month ago

    basically a jungle now haha

  • swbg80 swbg8 1 month ago

    when building a system how do you gage the size of sump (gallon/liters) to the size of the fish tanks?

  • pompom's corner 1 month ago

    I was really inspired by your videos. I even started my own small system 2 months ago! (here I have my humble aquaponics system)

  • Neil Calliou 1 month ago

    Holy crap man, you got your own private jungle Haha! That tomatoe plant is crazy! I would love to try all that , looks so healthy.

  • As always, Its looking fantastic. And you not even looking after it full time. LOL you certainly have a greenthumb. looking forward to seeing it when its completely done over.

  • Cats Life 1 month ago

    Hi Bob & fam, watched at the end of the last vid, but worth watching again for little things we missed first time around.;<) waiting to see progress on reno, always find it interesting to see how it's done in QL. Greetings from Western Cape. Have a good one – Brian & Essjay

  • Samuel Kropp 1 month ago

    Absolutely incredible! Your system is inspiring!

  • Randall Zrubek 1 month ago

    "I think it got a bit to cold for the dangly bits" Priceless

  • HULKGQ Nissan Patrol 1 month ago

    Tomotos look great!
    I'm in Gippsland Vic, all my seedlings keep getting frost bitten.
    Just started making a system from 3 barrels,AGAIN!

  • Everything looks healthy and strong! Random question but what kind of netting would you recomend to keep Caterpillar off of my herb garden, i dont want to cut out any of the light but need something to shield from the moths.

  • Eleni Demos 1 month ago

    Hi, love your videos. Just wondering where to look for hoan ngoc, live in Queensland? Should I buy seed or cutting? Been wondering for a while how to spell the name, could not until you did this video, thanks.

  • Steve Knight 1 month ago

    Wow mate. You're gonna have wildlife moving into that jungle soon.

  • Frank Kopke 1 month ago

    Thank You

  • northern star 1 month ago

    Wow, just wow! Your garden has gone feral. That root in your flow pipe, I've never seen anything quite like it. It's amazing how nature takes off with a little neglect. Really looking forward to seeing how you renovate your garden now. Fun times. : )

  • bigwave fla 1 month ago

    Thank you for the bonus clip, I look forward to your system restart. I have officially started my 8×12 ap greenhouse. When you get settled in to your house I could use your advise on a 3 tray nft system and a small growbed. Cheers!

  • Graham McAllister 1 month ago

    Finally just got the option to join YouTube channels in South Africa, as soon as I have a bit of extra cash I will definitely be joining your channel to help support you and the awesome content you make. Loved the added extra clip for all of us that stick around to the end every video. Cant wait for the rebuild quite exciting for me personally because I'm in the process of slowly building my own system purely based off of what you have taught me.

    Thanks a lot for your content it's always refreshing and full of knowledge.