Added by on 2019-11-04 This course is for individuals seriously considering or already in the process of aquaponic food production on a commercial scale. This three-day course is a comprehensive look at the design and build-out of a system, water quality, controlled environment growing, daily operations and growing techniques. Instruction will include hands-on work and lectures. Certificate course Andy McGhee, Windy City Harvest aquaponics specialist Farm on Ogden, 3555 Ogden Avenue, Chicago Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLong for a lavender plant? Chicago Botanic Garden has tested a few for cold-weather hardinessProtégé x Edible Garden City: Indoor Farming Class introductionAquaponics Pump, Friendly Aquaponics, Aquaponic Grow Beds, Aquaponics Chicago, Aquaponics At HomeWhy We Have Aquaponics at The Plant – Plant Chicago, NFP ExplainsUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Danny Glover Visits the Chicago State University Aquaponics Center – Young Enterprising Society

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