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I wanted to bring you along just a little bit of the, kind of the interim process of this vertical grow tower. It’ll be Vertical Grow Tower 1.4. Bright AgroTech – MHPGardener – Brock Hughes – Rob Bob – ActiveAqua 550 Pump – MasterBlend Fertilizer – Calcium Nitrate – Epsom Salt – TDS Meter – This was the first lettuce that I ever planted and I planted a plant in each one of these pots and I’m down to, well, I’ve got one of them that died fairly quickly and then this one here, I broke off the other day, it was totally my accident, but I broke it off, so I’m going to leave it in there and see if it will grow out. In the tub, I know it looks like a mess, but really, I promise, it’s not. This little piece here on the manifold, it’s untapped for a reason because I wanted to be able to relieve pressure. All of this manifold runs to the bottles that are lined up around the edge. Back at the bottles, I have a hole drilled in every single one of these, there’s a hole, and I have a 2-gallon-per-hour dripper line put on these. Now, I simply had the 2-gallon-per-hour dripper because I don’t know what it’s going to take. This pump is a pump that I got from Bright Agrotech, 550 gallons per hour, it’s the Active Aqua Submersible 550. I will put a link in the description of the video and also in the blog post that’s associated with this, to the purchase page on Bright Agrotech’s website. This pump was purchased for me by a good friend of mine, Rob Bop [phonetic], who has an active YouTube […]

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  • bo ter berg 1 year ago

    Cheap drip regulator can be found on drip tubes / tube feeders (medical supplies). I ordered them online for .50 euro a piece. I did use the whole tube, regulator etc for dripping pee in my peeponics. Pee tend to clog the line sooner or later tho. 
    Cheers !

  • tannenbaum 1 year ago

    I believe the nutrient mixture you've shown in your lettuce set-up is for tomatoes, which would explain why you're seeing some leaf burn. Hope this helps.

  • Bruce Devaux 1 year ago

    love the bible verses 

  • LifeMechanics 1 year ago

    hey wayne, for that clamp on the water line you should go and order some water weenie's and just use the water clamps they use for those as a clamp for your water line. water weenie clamps are adjustable for either a set amount of flow or to pinch off the line altogether. and water weenies are cheap!

  • simplystrick 1 year ago

    I like your stuff, you've got a new sub!

  • itsjustdeb579 1 year ago

    Love it~!!

  • DemonGaming 1 year ago

    Awesome system. Totally brilliant. You mentioned in the video about the nutrient problems.  Have you tried to incorporate fish to feed the plants? Feed the fish to feed the plants. :3

  • Alabama Organic Gardening 1 year ago

    Wayne, you are going to convince me to venture into aquaponics if you are not careful!
    Seriously though, you have constructed that grow tower in a way that just about anyone can do it. Well done, sir! 

  • Blake “Daddykirbs” Kirby 1 year ago

    Gardening with duct tape! Nice LOL. I like it Wayne. You are doing a great job with your vertical grow tower hydroponics experiments. Keep it up!

  • nery colon 1 1 year ago

    That's great. I think that these guys are great like MHPGardener, brock, Rob Bob and may others that really knows what they are doing. I only know how to put a little baby plant in a little glass of water lol Your plants looks really nice. Peppers and Strawberries

  • fatoldladyinpjs 1 year ago

    You can get binder clips from office supply companies for your hoses.  Go to an aquarium shop to get tablets for the algae.  These are designed to prevent it in koi ponds.  You will have to divide the tablets into sections and try to figure out how much for your tower, but that should do the trick.  They last about a month.  I want to do one, too.  I'm interested in your experience.  Looking forward to more videos.

  • Learn To Grow 1 year ago

    I love this idea! I'm doing a couple of repurposing materials as well!  Thanks for sharing Wayne!

  • The Liquid Gardener 1 year ago

    Nice job +Wayne Meador .it's great to see that project come to fruition. Looking forward to more.

  • Jim S 1 year ago

    Lookin' good, Wayne! 
    I'd bet that the aluminum tape will hold up better than the regular duct tape. The sun kills duct tape pretty quick. So a little more for that may pay off in the long run.
    Looking forward to future updates. Thanks for sharing.

  • Blue 823 1 year ago

    Wayne.. that is freaking awesome… so thats what lettuce is supposed to look like.. HAHAHA…  mine is struggling but making a come back.
    Nice job on the tower.

  • OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening 1 year ago

    The grow tower is looking and working great. Thanks for the update.

  • Dan Rogers (Boots) 1 year ago

    Looks like your grow tower is doing good so far. I cannot wait to see it full of tasty plants. Keep up the great videos Wayne.