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I wanted to share a video progress report of an Aquaponic/Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower that I’m working on which is made with nearly all re-purposed material.

My goal with this project is that I wanted to create a FREE or VERY CHEAP Vertical Grow Tower that could be built by anybody with things they have laying around the house and with very few tools. It needs to me aesthetically pleasing to the eye without loosing any function. The more this project comes together, the more I think I’m going to accomplish exactly what I started out to accomplish.

Vertical Grow Tower Playlist –

I initially decided to start using this tower with expanded clay pellets for the grow media. I plan on trying different types of grow media including rockwool, biochar, lava rock, and others to see what type of media works best for this application.

I’m starting out by making this a Hydroponic Vertical Grow System first. Basically, I want to test my proof-of-concept and then once it’s up and running, we may add some fish and try it out as an aquaponic system.

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