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I wanted to share a video progress report of an Aquaponic/Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower that I’m working on which is made with nearly all re-purposed material. My goal with this project is that I wanted to create a FREE or VERY CHEAP Vertical Grow Tower that could be built by anybody with things they have laying around the house and with very few tools. It needs to me aesthetically pleasing to the eye without loosing any function. The more this project comes together, the more I think I’m going to accomplish exactly what I started out to accomplish. Vertical Grow Tower Playlist – I initially decided to start using this tower with expanded clay pellets for the grow media. I plan on trying different types of grow media including rockwool, biochar, lava rock, and others to see what type of media works best for this application. I’m starting out by making this a Hydroponic Vertical Grow System first. Basically, I want to test my proof-of-concept and then once it’s up and running, we may add some fish and try it out as an aquaponic system. Link To Pictures Of This Project – My Google+ Page – Remember to smile for a stranger today and help somebody in need. We can each Change The World one day at a time! More to come soon. God Bless, Wayne Website – My Blog – AWorld4Change WebTV Show Channel – Seed Savers Community On Google+ – Pay It Forward Community On Google+ – Pinterest – Twitter – Recorded With – Canon VIXIA HF R400 – Thumbnail Image Created With – Tube Slicer – See A List Of All Slicer Apps Products – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAquaponic Hydroponic Vertical Grow […]

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  • Richard Hixon 4 years ago

    I'm reposting this on the group "All things Acuaponics" (on Facebook).

  • Richard Hixon 4 years ago

    Love the design. It's VERY versatile as a prototype and has a bunch of different possibilities. I would try to do the wrap around tube at least one more time like you said, just higher up (maybe 2 more?). Still – great use of limited space.

  • Dan Roy 4 years ago

    Kill the music!

  • Luis Rendón 4 years ago

    Ps its ionic silver ,not colloidal silver. My mistake. Look it up on u tube it's really easy to make a bit of silver and three nine volt ( square) batteries. The silver wire can be purchased in any hobby sliver shop. Or online, very inexpensive, who knows I might be onto something.

  • Luis Rendón 4 years ago

    Here is an idea to combat mold. I recently go into making my own colloidal silver to combat the cold virus. Now I must warn you that this is just an idea. But I tried this homemade colloidal silver on my Chinese bamboo that I purchased at an oriental store.the bamboo is sitting in a clear vase and clear marbles hold them in place, 4 weeks later, there isn't a bit of mold and the water is still Crystal clear. I have never commented on any u tube videos but I really like the system you are developing and as far as I know , no one else has thought of using colloidal silver to combat algae or mold. I will be trying myself since it doesn't seem to have harmed me nor my plants, good luck, I will be copying your system thanks for a wonderful idea.

  • Jorge Mongelos 4 years ago

    I take my hat off to you man! that's pretty F'ing awesome.

  • Clair Esco 4 years ago

    I love your video. Where did you get your stones?

  • mark demelo 4 years ago

    Wow, great freaking idea. Something so simple yet nobody's thought of it b4 i love it. This is perfect for me cuz im so broke right now i can't afford to pay attention so this helps with both those problems, it's simple and cheap. Lol thanks for the video brother it's awesome. 

  • Keith 4 years ago

    Thanks for posting its a great idea .
    I have a small deck with a privacy screen this space will be perfect for a setup like you have shown.
    I am .new to aquaponics and love the variety of options and challenges it provides.

  • machiner head 4 years ago

    i like your video and the idea first of all thanks for sharing and your time. I wanna make the same system. It also depends on the type of plant but most of the root systems doesnt like light. Thats why its better to cover those plastic bottles something non-transparent. By covering smthng non-transparent you will also prevent from alga development.

  • Bob w 4 years ago

    Also hydro with water above 70° is asking for trouble for roots. Insulation around the rez and dropping frozen water bottles on hot days.

  • Bob w 4 years ago

    One coat of black and white after to reflect heat.

  • Narayani 6a 4 years ago

    where are the videos after the above i.e planting seeds, aquaponics and hydroponics, the growth of plants

  • william devonshire 4 years ago

    it depends on the paint, but I would imagine black spray paint wouldn't be very good in the system

  • Ariel Rubio 4 years ago

    nice vid… good idea..any updates on this?

  • Aamir Mirza 4 years ago

    Wayne, love your setup for two reasons.
    1. Creativity.
    2. Recycling those plastic bottles.
    You got a Thumbs up and a Subscribe from me buddy.
    I was thinking about your sunlight issue, maybe if you can find some Aluminum foil, that will reflect the light and heat?
    Keep those creative ideas going.

    "Imagination is more important than Education. " – Albert Einstein

  • Gardening Tips With Phil 4 years ago

    Interesting use of old bottles and hydroponics.

  • David Morales 4 years ago

    Great concept!

  • Fernando Alberto Contador Chacon 4 years ago

    genial y gracias por compartirlos que Dios os bendiga!!!
    consulta las esferas que son ?  
    great and thanks for sharing God bless !!!
    see also the areas that are?