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  • outdoorsadrenaline 9 months ago

    Great job, very nice! Do you have sprayers in the buckets?

  • Matt Jimenez 9 months ago

    Don’t waste your time. Absolutely nothing to see or HEAR from here…

  • Chris 9 months ago

    what has it to do with aeropnics? wtf

  • Jefferson Tejada 9 months ago

    do you have an email, Skype, ICQ, wechat? I can reach you at? I am looking for a person with your kind of expertise for a project.

  • jess sagalow 9 months ago

    Scared to speak? Wtf

  • Tyler Hopkins 9 months ago

    Video Tip: Talk in the beginning of your video so people won't click away. For some reason I watched for 1:05 minutes and then heard you are actually going to explain what you are showing. Don't stop sharing, we need more quality content from people like yourself. Cheers for everything you do.

  • mrfinnegan27 9 months ago

    dry sift

  • matthew mussen 9 months ago

    I see fish, but it looks like dutchicken buckets. How is this aeroponics?  
    This guy uses spray heads…

  • Chandler Booker 9 months ago

    so you never use nutrients? Is there a reason you chose koi? They're rather expensive but they are pretty damn neat.

  • Jose Gandulla 9 months ago

    Wow this is freaking great man ! Nice hybrid…

  • diggs 9 months ago

    sic buds

  • Buffalo_Chips 9 months ago

    As someone else who grows with aquaponics I would suggest that you add more fish. I have also found I got a lot better yield by increasing my feeding rate by 30% during flower. Other than that nice system dude 🙂

  • jsaw1988 9 months ago

    Man you freakin rock lol

  • Herbin Legends 9 months ago

    Man dude those leds kick ass. Can't wait till I get one.