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  • Azeem Aslam 9 months ago

    part wise best hey

  • M. K.Sandhu 9 months ago

    Sir next season tk kon wait kre ga???
    Ap parts bna k share kren…
    Mujh nacheez ki to yehi raaye hai

  • Ashish surana 9 months ago

    part banao sir ji
    wo zyda sahi rahe ga

  • Arnav Chugh 9 months ago

    Part system is good

  • Anurag Arora 9 months ago

    Weekly thk rehega brother

  • flaxyone1 9 months ago

    Part vice better he..big boss

  • Hamza Naeem 9 months ago

    Weekly update theek rahah ga

  • mohit mohit 9 months ago

    weekly update for each plant………..please tell us about medicinal plants also, such as ashwagandha, kalmegh, brahmi, nirgundi etc.

  • Syed Shujaat Husain 9 months ago

    Aap apni video me date month year anf temperature bhi dala kijiye us din ki jis din video banayi hai

  • Gurdeep Anand 9 months ago

    Parts video better ,but jab ap banate hai to sath sath ap general information de sakte hai ap ko kuch bolna hota hai to sath sath kuch extra bata sakte hai but main topic complete ho

  • Gurdeep Anand 9 months ago

    Parts mei better hai, slow and steady is better

  • Usman Jahangir 9 months ago

    Parts in a playlist would be good then u can use alll the part and edit a good amazing video at end.Because i follow u with the parts and plant with you

  • Ahmed11 23 9 months ago

    O bi g ap tu bht thke lg rhe h or rng b bht Kuala or leya h chle koi bt ni mhnt me y sb chlta h or mra idea y h k ap jb b ksi plant ki sedig kre tu hme vdo bj Dr ku k hm b ap k st skhte jae ge is se hme b asani h or so ko b

  • ainee syeda 9 months ago

    Parts wala and weekly option is best

  • Khan Alam 9 months ago


  • munna munna 9 months ago

    aap part 1 part2 karke vedio bna lo fir last m full vedio bna lena sare part lekar sbko samjh bhi aa jayega or vo seelding bhi kr lege

  • Jahida Butler 9 months ago

    Tujhe gardening nahi ati tu kuch mat kar

  • Jiya Raza 9 months ago

    Weekly plz

  • Aishwaryas world 9 months ago

    apki channel mujhe bahut pasand hai aur mujhe bhi gardening accha lagta hai Lekin bus two galleries hai..

    solution apka ekdum sahee hai. Aap parts may banaayiye and uska link description box may deejays toh viewers Ko ek link bhi mil jaayegi