Animal Farming is the Cause Debunked? Earthling Ed vs The Media

Earthling Ed claimed that this sweeping disease is a result of animal farming which wouldn’t exist in a vegan world. USA Today and PopSci have both snapped back with retorts.
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Animal Farming is the Cause Debunked? Earthling Ed vs The Media

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  • Earthling Ed

    Thanks so much for the video of support! It's so unbelievable that, even during a crisis of this magnitude, people are still being so intellectually dishonest.

  • Vegan Vocalist

    This individual CLAIMS to be Vegan,. Remember , he is a journalist and like lawyers there profession is based on lies . He is right on one point though . It IS good to question everything and in this instance every ONE

  • LilyDream35

    Have you checked out any readings/seminars from Ron Wallace, a biologist who talks a lot about the origins of Covid-19 and other global diseases? I learned from him that a lot of novel pathogens are uncovered due to mass deforestation and capital agriculture practices around the world. So basically because we are trying to gather more animals, resources and land, Ron argues this is why so many pandemics are arising and we likely won't see a stop.

  • Reality isnt A choice

    Cv-19 was being altered/tested in the wuhon labs.
    And it was also mentioned that the type of virus it was is usually harmless to people by the who

  • python java

    The argument that covid could exist in a vegan world is so dumb. Vegan world means no wet markets. It means zoonotic transmission is less likely since we're not keeping millions of animals in comfinement and slaughter. The risk doesn't have to be zero. But making the risk significantly lower is Certainly what we should be aiming for by quitting animal exploitation

  • Morgan Janine

    Ah yes, our old friend epistemology… it's "impossible to know" that zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 wouldn't exist in a vegan world. But is it a justified belief that if humans stopped farming and killing animals, those diseases would stop having their primary catalyst? Yes. That is a justified belief, ergo we have a foundational justification to stop farming and killing animals.

  • Truth Monarch

    More uneducated misinformation from a pedifile. Vegans Kill thousands of wild animals every year. Deforestation for your crops. Tons of pesticides, chemicals, insecticides and fertilizers like cattle manure are turned into the soil then when it rains theses Toxins enter our rivers and streams Killing and poisoning thousands of fish and frogs and birds and the list goes on. Linked to cancerous skin and respiratory illnesses amongst harvesters and most likely linked to Covid. It's in the water. Vegans would not survive without global food production and distribution which is costly and fragile. Climate, water, soil and grow season is difficult for most people in this world! Meat and it's by products have survived cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. Vegans need supplements to be healthy. Teach your children to hunt fish and grow a garden. Lion or sheep?? Strong or weak? All commercial animals are Genitically modified for consumption and would never survive in the wild! Fact…. We are omnivore. Get over it. You are a killer too! Bad Dog….

  • Truth Monarch

    More left wing nut jobs PUSHING vegan like a drug dealer! Misinformation for an already proven failed education system, turning boys into weak minded girls. Lion or sheep?? Deforestation kills and displaces thousands of wild animals.Tons of Chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers are turned into the soil that will never grow a tree again. Your Genitically modified crops KILL! Vegans can only survive because of global food production and distribution which is fragile, costly and environmentally damaging. The rains will wash these Toxins into our rivers and streams killing and poisoning fish, frogs, birds and small animals. Also linked to cancerous skin and respiratory illnesses amongst farmers and harvesters and most likely linked to Covid. It's the water! Climate, soil, water, grow season is difficult for most people in this world. Commercial animals are Genetically modified for consumption and would never survive in the wild. Teach your children to hunt, fish and grow a garden. A balanced diet for proper strong and healthy body. Most vegans have to take supplements or they would be sick all the time. Vegan equals uneducated, misinformation. Let's be honest, feline Fred. Your full of crap!

  • Bea O

    Mic, you are actually doing a really good job with these kind of response videos and also that on oil. So I`m taking back my initial statement that I didn`t like them 🙂 Just keep doing your thing, you know best.

  • Awesome Life

    After a bit of research, I found information about the specific farm where the 1918 pandemic originated. It is located in Kansas. The “Wichita Gazette” did a good job covering this. On a side note, the U.S. and its allies during World War I agreed not to report on it so people wouldn’t panic. Spain, not being an allied country, began reporting and got blamed for it, when in reality it began in the U.S.