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How the design of our built environment can support human health and sustainability There is increasing recognition that the design of communities can impact human health. Community designs that feature parks, footpaths, public transport, and connectivity among destinations can encourage physical activity, help prevent obesity, and reduce dependence on cars whose use contributes to air pollution, crashes, and pedestrian injuries. Healthy community design can offer co-benefits of promoting sustainability and social equity and reducing adverse health and environmental impacts from climate change. Increased attention to the health implications of the built environment has led to innovative solutions, such as Smart Growth developments, investments in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, and the use of health impact assessments to convey health information to community decision-makers Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAndrew Petter – Healthy City SummitHealthy Cities, Healthy Towns: An Atlantic ForumMoving Ahead: Green Mobility for Healthy Cities – Part 3Designing Healthy Cities PBS Television Series PreviewWelcome to Healthy Cities, Healthy Towns: An Atlantic ForumHappy, healthy cities ranked

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