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Andreas Vollenweider – Behind the Gardens – Behind the Wall Tracks on the original 1981 vinyl (pre-CD era) release: 1. Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree 2. Pyramid-In the Wood-In the Bright Light 3. Micro-Macro 4. Skin and Skin 5. Moonlight, Wrapped Around Us 6. Lion and Sheep 7. Sunday 8. Afternoon 9. Hands and Clouds Behind the Gardens is a studio album by New Age artist Andreas Vollenweider, released in 1981. It is almost entirely instrumental, and centers around Vollenweider on harp. While not literally Vollenweider’s first album, Behind the Gardens is widely regarded as such because it was his breakthrough album, gaining him wide recognition. The earlier and more obscure Eine Art Suite in XIII Teilen (An Art Suite in 13 Parts), 1979, remains available chiefly online, while Behind the Gardens can still be readily found in music stores worldwide. The contemplative and moving second track, “Pyramid,” is a favorite of fans and has become a concert staple, always garnering applause when the first harp notes are played. While the album originally stood on its own, in 1990 it and the two following albums (Caverna Magica and White Winds) were re-released as a two-CD set entitled “Trilogy,” suggesting they collectively constituted a single musical entity. The full titles of the first two albums lend creedance to the suggestion that the three albums are thematically connected. The full title of the first album is “Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree…” The ellipsis at the end suggests a continuation. The full title of the next album is “Caverna Magica (…Under the Tree – In the Cave…)” The first ellipsis, followed by the repetition of “Under the Tree” from the first album title, clearly indicates a continuation. The second ellipsis suggests another continuation, which would turn out to be […]

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  • stonytina01 will-not-be-banned 1 year ago

    Yes, I know, many of you might not like to hear this, but to me, Andreas was the best music while tripping on LSD.

  • realeboga monei 1 year ago


  • sebas hess 1 year ago


  • Simphiwe Leon 1 year ago

    Thats the best music ever since i started knowing about it while i was first student at Fort hare University in 1988 staying in East Campus Tiyo Soga 1. It was the time of TV 1 on sundays

  • Miguel DiaZ 1 year ago


  • Mathilda Eleesch 1 year ago

    behind the antarctic wall the frozen gardens

  • MGstaR17 1 year ago

    18:52 Paris

  • Paweł Sieraczkiewicz 1 year ago

    7:20 🙂 for me – best of the best.

  • Chris Baron 1 year ago

    I wish laptops still came with CD drives. If they did I would have this CD in it and would likely never take it out!