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Volm is now bringing more to “the table” as part of its continued effort to help packers move produce from the field to the market shelf. The recent packaging portfolio expansion focuses on Pouches for fresh produce, Metalized Poly for eye catching packaging and innovative styles of Vertical Form, Fill and Seal bags. Micah Johnson, Flexible Packaging Product Manager, tells us, “Consumers are purchasing smaller packages of produce and spending less time in the store. It has become increasingly critical to have packaging that is both distinguished and in a form that is easy for them to handle. We added these products to the solutions we offer as a response to these trends and have optimized them for the merchandising and advertising necessary in fresh produce packaging today.” Herndon Farms is off and running with the Vidalia Onion season underway. Packaged under the Herndon’s Finest label, the family owned and operated company is noting nice quality with plenty of supply for the summer demand. Herndon Farms now offers a year round supply of sweet onions for their customers but the Vidalia season is still the time when they see the most overall excitement within the category. The company has increased their acreage for 2014 on the company’s Georgia Red onions as well, and has introduced a 2lb and 3lb consumer bag along with their usual PLU labels for bulk to excellent demand. John Williams, Sales and Marketing Director, tells us, “This is a beautiful red onion with a nice shape profile and an excellent shelf life. We will be promoting their Georgia Reds from late May through July.” Read on Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsfair companiesQuick Overview of ZipGrow Indoor Vertical FarmingOrlando Landscaping Companies Review (407) 488-6167Quick Start Gardening Guide: Container Vegetable GardeningVertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment – […]

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