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Time and time again on my channel I get comments from people saying how much they wish they had land to grow their own food so I’ve decided to mention a potential method to overcome this. It won’t work for everyone but if it means one or two of you can start following your growing dreams then I would deem this video as a success. Garden share Transition Towns: Music: HuwsNursery Tool Sponsor: New to HuwsNursery? 🙂 My name is Huw Richards, I live in Wales, UK and I am a teenager who loves vegetable gardening. Unusual right? I love to teach people around the world about growing their own food organically and my end goal is to get as many children as possible to have the experience of growing food which I believe is one of the most important things a child could learn. If you’re new to HuwsNursery then please hit that subscribe button (and also notifications) so you can learn more about growing your own food inexpensively 🙂 Instagram: huws_nursery Let’s chat on Snapchat: huwsnursery Love my videos? Become a supporter Facebook page: Subscribe to our newsletter with updates and exclusive content: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPreparing our Vegetable Garden for WinterContainer Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable Gardenpvc paip beautiful vegetable gardening ideaGarden Plans Gallery – find vegetable garden plans from gardeners near you.Help You Grow a Vegetable Garden in Miami without all the workTransformation Through Learning | Living With The Land | Part 8

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  • Nellyontheland 1 year ago

    Full of ideas, you are. Another informative idea from you for others to therorise on, cool. There are some things to consider…Try and get a garden with side, or bacck access. Has an outside tap. Or power point. Living in the beg smelly, I found that not all gardens have all three and they DO help. The leccy thing needs to be for the possible start-up work, but not absolute. The water might be metered, so a drain pipe idea could help there. And the side access is important to get to the meat of the work before and after your new friend wants to leave their bed to get to their door to let you in.

  • Alex say 1 year ago

    I should say it or not idk but u look a lil bit like Tom cruise xD

  • gertrudehustenpust 1 year ago

    Great Idea. I did something very similar this summer. I do have a little vegetable garden but I don't have a lawn where I could "harvest" fine grass clippings as mulch for my beds. So I just went down my street and slipped little notes into my neighbours' letter boxes. Most of them did not reply but a hand ful now bring me their clippings anytime they mow their lawns. And I have the perfect mulch supply. 🙂

  • Tyrone Finks 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!

  • Luís Barros 1 year ago

    It´s very difficult to find a pice of land, the owners don´t no who the persons they keep in yours gardens. thank you so much, and happy new year!

  • chocolateciara 1 year ago

    land in Ireland is a particularly difficult matter. we have a long history with land, it's a long story. my CSA is currently looking for land in the Dublin area but there would be no way to buy it.

  • Dab Alden 1 year ago

    This was done previously and it got 70,000 users, unfortunately it shut down recently.

  • Kit DuBhran 1 year ago

    We did this with a friend. She has a huge side yard and we put up raised beds to grow veggies, and we pruned her multiple fruit trees and roses.

    In return we got roses, rose hips, herbs and fruit and only had to share some of our produce with her. It was pretty awesome.

  • Sasha G 1 year ago

    My grandfather managed to do that through the 1960s and the way to late 1980s. He had a neighbour with a piece of land that wasn't being used, ended up asking him if he could use the land to farm, to which his neighbour said yes. He never asked for a percentage of the crops or the profit that my grandparents made out of selling the excess. They ended up becoming good friends.

    Love all your content, hope your keep sharing your knowledge with us.

    Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas,

    a viewer from Portugal.

  • MVIsland 1 year ago

    Only issue with that is being a home owner you risk if someone you allowed to be on your land, and say they break a leg somehow, or get hurt on your property, the HOMEOWNER is liable for that persons medical bills. Sure we have homeowners insurance for that, but in this day and age to many "sue happy" people. Personally that is not a risk I would take.

  • Graham Thomas 1 year ago

    sorry meant to say beachgrove GARDENS on Scotland's T V

  • Laura Te Aho-White 1 year ago

    Ask neighbors if they would be willing to rent out a part of their section. Asking the local council as well could be another idea, sometimes health centers have community gardens too. Sometimes small continuities have facebook pages where you can buy or sell, consider asking on those pages.

  • Tomi Lewis 1 year ago

    Brilliant huw, keep up the good work! Missing u bud, love Tomi xxx

  • Timothy O'Brien 1 year ago

    I garden with a friend. She has a large yard and I live in an apartment, but I've been an avid gardener for many many years. So, I got up the nerve to ask her if she would be willing to share her yard. She was delighted. That was four years ago and we have an incredible garden. Lots of fruit trees and berries, lots of perennials, and all kinds of vegetables. It's wonderful to garden together, even though I do the bulk of the work. So, if you have a friend with a uard, don't be shy, ask.

  • Malcolm Brown 1 year ago

    Hello Huw. This is a great idea which must be handled with care. I have 1.25 acres of which about a third is under control the rest grows bracken, brambles and nettles in abundance. Next month I will – er – celebrate my 75th birthday and I would be delighted to share some of the area with another or others. There is just the slight niggle over what you might be getting into.

  • H McCann 1 year ago

    That’s a great idea!

  • trustingblindly 1 year ago

    Hold on let me see if I understood correctly I live in the USA and my dream is to someday live in the UK I’ve always loved It i love the cold and rain .Dont ask me why but I’ve always felt drawn to it.So if I want to buy a home with some land I can’t right away ? I have to be on a waiting list ? Is there some specific requirements to get a house with a land?