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An Explanation into why I went from Hydroponics to Aquaponics to Bioponics and the differences between them. Video Rating: / 5 fish,rabbit, chicken ,duck and veg system, Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment. Alternate definition: An integrated hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (growing fish) system. Aquatic animal effluent (for example fish waste) accumulates in water as a by-product of keeping them in a closed system or tank (for example a recirculating aquaculture system). The effluent-rich water becomes high in plant nutrients but this is correspondingly toxic to the aquatic animal. Plants are grown in a way (for example a hydroponic system) that enables them to utilize the nutrient-rich water. The plants uptake the nutrients, reducing or eliminating the water’s toxicity for the aquatic animal. Related PostsWhat is Bioponics? How it Compares to Hydroponics and AquaponicsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyGalactic Farms: Indoor urban agriculture with Bioponics and AquaponicsAquaponics HydroponicsAquaponics Systems / Hydroponics Systems – Learn To Build your own Aquaponics or Hydroponics Systembaby ducks first swim plus home aquaphonics

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  • Judy H. 1 year ago

    do you put a lid on the bottled urine or just leave it open for several weeks?

  • Farmer Joe 1 year ago

    Hey Meir, have you tried using urine with only consuming water? For example no soda, juice, beer, etc.

  • Gregor Sidler 1 year ago

    Meir, I know it is a log time since the last video you made but are you still growing with your own garden? If so… did you ever proceed with the Comfrey plant and if so what is or was the outcome. Any info would be fantastic. Thank you for all the videos you made. Great help for a starter like myself.

  • Gregor Sidler 1 year ago

    Wow… one of the best video I saw on my journey to start my own garden. Thank you very much for all the info. You did a fantastic job explaining everything!

  • Love Thoseveggies 1 year ago

    That was an excellent video!  Thanks so much for taking the time to clearly explain and demonstrate the differences.

  • darthvader5300 1 year ago

    The best hydroponics is the wroclow system, mittleider system, bengal system, hybrid terra-preta/rock dust powder reminerilized soil bed-water culture system. The best aquaponics imitates the chinampas and floating Burma gardens using floating caged water hyacinths and azolla to prevent water eutrophication and nitrogen-fixation while providing fish food and converting fish wastes into plant nutrients and placing porous diatomaceous earth and zeolite gravel at the fish pond section and using an artificial mittleider soil medium of zeolite, diatomaceous earth, powdered charcoal or activated food grade carbon for the inner island chinampa section.

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    Yes it is closed loop, the irrigation is through a small pump that cycles the nutrient laden water (this system is high level, constant flow). I typically don't use compost/vermicompost but it is a great idea. I feel a person should use whatever they have and makes sense…for me, that is urine.

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    @richoz27, actually I do put rock dust in occasionally, and there are composting worms in the system as well. The comfrey, I let rot and use it sometimes in my system.

  • richoz27 1 year ago

    Feed your comfry to worms and use the liquid fertilizer in your bioponic system, also put worms in your grow media. Rock dust is also a good source of trace minerals. This with a small amount of urine is all I put into my system and its going very well. Are you aerating your water as well?

  • Bill Donohue 1 year ago

    Thanks for the insights into the different systems, a great time saver.

  • interestingyoutubechannel 1 year ago

    thanks for the vid meir, interesting stuff. i did read an article about this sort of thing where they called it 'organoponics' but they'd add a spoonful of compost/vermicompost into 1 litre of urine & then let it sit for 28 days. have u tried this?
    also i've heard of 'bioponics' being a sack of vegetation suitable for fertiliser, being aerated through a tank in replacement of fish for fertigation of the beds. are you basically doing wicking beds? how do you irrigate? is it closed loop, & how?

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    Good question, I think someone with better chemical knowledge would be able to answer that.

  • Scott Cepek 1 year ago

    With the iron deficiencies, if you took an iron supplement, do you think that would have any effect on your urine? On the plants?
    Great video.

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    There is very little smell due to the large ratio of water to urine.

  • adaminspace1 1 year ago

    This is an outstanding video. Thank you.
    I am just looking into setting up a similar system and thinking of pre-treating the urine with Lacto Bacillus micro organisms before use so I can add it directly and not worry about cycling the system first. Also suplementing with compost and comfrey tea, wood ash (potash), and burnt oyster shells (calcium and Phosphate).
    Do you find that there is a smell of amonia/urine in your greenhouse when you add it directly?

  • sayhello2pedro 1 year ago

    Great video very informative, thank you

  • astrialkil 1 year ago

    LOL ya but there are lots of other people who need to know.

  • astrialkil 1 year ago

    LOL ya but there are lots of other people in this world who need to be warned.

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    I'm vegan and a male (no birth control), I take no meds either.

  • astrialkil 1 year ago

    Be aware if you are on prescription medication that a lot of it comes out in your urine ! Do you want your KIDS on your birth control or high blood pressure medication? Cancer medication anyone? Do you even know what grand ma or aunt sue is on?

  • kyle kgi 1 year ago

    Dont Dream Is Over ( the name of the song)

  • tsinbeng ma 1 year ago

    gumamit ka ba ng pump dyan sa system mo ?

  • tsinbeng ma 1 year ago

    ayos tol ah ! hehehe

  • Paul Nickerson 1 year ago

    I am currently working with a team to process chicken waste by means of aquaponics. I am curious about if you have any worries of E coli. being introduced to your system by means of chicken manure? Any information you have about his would be greatly appreciated!

  • ScopedOUT2 1 year ago

    Be careful when using rabbits. Rats are attracted to their poop. They like to eat it and their urine contains high levels of phosphorous I believe. You may want to use guinea pigs instead, or just manage the waste from the rabbits and sell it to citrus groves.

  • greenecorevolution 1 year ago

    many thanks for all your kind words of support, just to answer a few questions here goes, the rabbits in the system to provide an alternative to chicken or ducks, as there may be a problem with poltery in the future, rabbits are a good source of protein, are easy to keep, are very quiet and their may also be some use for the pelts,

  • padkisson 1 year ago

    Very Amazing System!!!! Truly Inspiring!!!

  • G_E Luna 1 year ago

    Your set-up is very inspiring. It would be great if you would be willing to post some additional information about the role your rabbits play in the system, the quantity of fish that you maintain, and/or what additional food inputs you provide for your rabbits and fish (beyond what your closed system grows). We would like to build a similar set-up in Mexico. Thanks!