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This is a short film firstly looking at a small lemon tree I thought had died and then looking at a cheap and simple experiment at growing onions hydroponically (using water rather than soil). ps I should mention that the water gel crystals I use are non-toxic and colour fast. It states both these facts on the packet and as I’m growing something to eat that’s really quite important! he word, Hydroponic, comes from Latin and means working water. Simply put, it is the art of growing plants without soil. When most people think of hydroponics, they think of plants grown with their roots suspended directly into water with no growing medium. This is just one type of hydroponic gardening known as N.F.T. (nutrient film technique). There are several variations of N.F.T. used around the world and it is a very popular method of growing hydroponically. What most people don’t realize is that there are countless methods and variations of hydroponic gardening. In this section, we explain the most common, including the pros and cons of each along with an abundance of great, general information about hydroponics. Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesGrowing an Orange Tree in Hydroponics Part 2Growing Lemon Grass In A PVC Hydroponic GardenVegetable Gardening: Growing Onions – How to Grow OnionsContainer Gardening: Growing Carrots in Flower Boxes and Onions in Seed Trays – TRG 2015Indoor Gardening Growing a Vegetable & Fruit Tree

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  • rickyy1234 1 year ago

    Hi, I'm growing onions in hydroponics this year (I got the seeds from Peter Glazebrook's world record breaking onion in 2012)
    I tailored the hydroponic nutrients specifically for onions. So I'm hoping for some good results.  Feel free to checkout my channel! (just thought you might be interested in how it goes?)

  • nikonmother 1 year ago

    I saw somewhere on youtube that you can get a diaper and take the gel out of it and water it…probably cheaper than buying the red things. I am going to try a lemon tree!

  • LearningDaily 1 year ago

    great video! its good to grow your own!

  • Carlos Vera 1 year ago

    i liked your idea with aquagel , how long do the pellets last?