American Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® Assembly allows the design professional to transform virtually any flat or sloped roof (up to 12:12 pitch) into a landscaped environment. Designed as a lightweight, low profile system, the Garden Roof ® Assembly can be safely installed on roof and plaza decks not engineered to handle the heavy load requirements of a traditional green roof. And because the assembly incorporates a proven roofing/waterproofing membrane, Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125®, the building owner can be assured of a water-tight structure.

The Garden Roof® Assembly provides building owners and tenants with many ecological, technical and economic benefits. Some of the advantages of the Garden Roof® Assembly include:

* Enhances building’s appearance
* Adds space for tenant use and recreation
* Reduces the “Urban Heat Island” problem
* Controls stormwater – retain 50%-90% of a typical rain fall on the roof
* Improves building’s energy efficiency
* Processes airborne toxins and re-oxygenates the air
* Creates therapeutic and peaceful environments
* Offers a Total Assembly Warranty… from the deck up

Extensive or Intensive Garden Roof ® assemblies…

The Extensive Garden Roof® is ideally suited for locations that will receive little or no maintenance, or where structural capabilities are a concern. An Intensive Garden Roof® incorporates plants that require regular maintenance, such as watering, fertilizing and mowing.

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American Hydrotech – Company of the Week 6/19/14

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