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Intelligent Technology Smart Farming, Modern Agriculture Technology Subscribe to watch more: Israel Agriculture technologies – Farm Industry News Click Here: Greenhouse commercial Nature – Agritech in Future Fresh Farms and Tasty Tom tomatoes: High-tech agriculture ISRAEL AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY Super tomato yield – How to String Sucker Tomato Plants: Hydroponics Greenhouse Tomato Farming : BelOrta is the largest cooperative vegetable and fruit auction of Belgium as well as the European market leader. Almost 40% of all Belgian horticultural products, traded via the auction, are sold in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. 1350 active growers guarantee all year long a supply of more than 120 vegetable varieties and 30 fruit varieties. A BelOrta esteve em Portugal para participar na 11.ª edição do ICOP.Esta Organização de Produtores Belga é um excelente… Posted by Portugal FRESH on Sunday, December 4, 2016 Creative Commons (CC) licensed by BelOrta company Picture by Related PostsAmazing – The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical FarmingAmazing – The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical FarmingAmazing – The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical FarmingAmazing – The Future Of Agriculture: Hydroponic and Vertical FarmingTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology: Hydroponic farming in Israel

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  • Noor Hassan 6 months ago

    nice good

  • Terrance Priyankara 6 months ago

    After watching this video,I'm so keen to become a vegetarian…!!!

  • Cheryl Stenger 6 months ago

    I loved your video and the information was informative and your fruits and vegetables are beautiful! You said you were in Europe, I was wondering if you ship to Osceola County, Florida, U.S.A.? I noticed on the screen that it said "Israel". Is that a person's name or someone from Israel filming the video? Thank you for such a beautiful experience watching about Bel O rta.

  • Tato Ordaz 6 months ago

    qué a todas madres todos en carritos pará acá para allá está tecnología avanzada dé ustedes es de admirar todo mis respetos para sus cultivos

  • Seteven Malem 6 months ago

    indonesia hanya bisa jadi penonton dan pembeli!

  • anderson john 6 months ago

    its good tech and I plan to be a good farmer

  • Blanca Bustos 6 months ago


  • Youngs Best Fun 6 months ago

    wow so sweet very nice excellent

  • vannykhmer san 6 months ago

    that is very great technology…I really love that…

  • I.s. Chanarthal 6 months ago


  • dhayalan thomas 6 months ago


  • kucherlapati sanyasi raju 6 months ago

    very nice

  • zahra baar 6 months ago

  • zahra baar 6 months ago


  • zahra baar 6 months ago