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Sweet Potato Harvest. This is the video so many of you have been waiting for, my sweet potato harvest. I planted them in April in sand and sawdust and fed th… This introductory video defines about the overview of basics of gardening, what are the course objectives of gardening, course duration study hours, teaching… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Related PostsPotato Tower: Sweet Potato HarvestAmazing Vertical Garden from Recycled Old Water Pipe, Gardening Ideas for Home#Vlog | Today’s Harvest My Vegetable Garden | అకు కురలు కొసుకుంధం | Telugu Vlogs From USA | Mega FamAmazing Potatoes Hydroponic & Aquaponic Farming TechnologyAmazing DIY vertical Gardens from Plastic pipes for small Garden & balcony….Amazing Design Ideas Woodworking Project Cheap From Pallet – Build A Outdoor Chair From Old Pallets

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  • myfeeling4you 5 years ago

    All this from sand and sawdust, impressive, I hope I achieve similar
    outcomes from my 4 slips in soil with dynamic lifter and constant drip

  • angelbe88 5 years ago


    What did you feed them with for nutrients?

    Also when you cured them, was the room mostly dark??

  • Sharon La Tour 5 years ago

    WOW!!!! Beautiful harvest!?

  • Yuri Nanash 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing:) Even I got exited by watching, hehe XD?

  • dan chicoine 5 years ago

    thank you for sharing this i live in Calgary Alberta we have a shorter
    growing season here but i would still like to try growing some here thanks
    for the inspiration?

  • Thelma Palmer 5 years ago

    i love all this Sharing it is great … thank you so much.?

  • Phillip Sue 5 years ago

    Dear LDSPrepper, thank you for this great series of instructional and
    beginner-friendly videos! I am very excited to take the methods you used
    and produce my own harvest this fall.

    It was inspiring to hear just how excited and happy you were with your
    harvest and I hope I can achieve similar results with my own! Cheers, and
    again, thank you for the videos!?

  • mizzpoetrics 5 years ago

    Did you save some of the smaller ones for replanting??

  • Morris Starkey 5 years ago

    Does anyone know if you can use fresh sawdust or does it have to be
    seasoned? ?

  • Carrie Golden 5 years ago


  • Kathy Sanders 5 years ago

    Great video and thank you for sharing and helping those of us beginners who
    want to be self sufficient. Been trying to learn on my own and need others
    like yourself.
    Thank you again.. and keep sharing!?

  • Jessica Cole 5 years ago

    Amazing! I love it!!!!?

  • Saidi Haugtredet 5 years ago

    Nice inspiering vid…and amazing harvest from three potatoes.Great job !!!?

  • Dustin Nesbitt 5 years ago

    there should defantaly be a vine a b o u t t h i s s o r r y k e y b o
    a r d d o e s t h i s?

  • iGrowinCrazy 5 years ago

    can u cure em in a solar box or something? 1400 watt heater running for 10
    days straight might cost more than the potatos.?

  • Sonya Rosamond 5 years ago

    Hi, I hope this comment finds you blessed which it appears in video it did
    lol great job. I live in louisiana and I am very disabled, but let me say I
    live for the Lord God He is my strength and I depend on his grace daily to
    get me thru. Now sorry for that long introduction but I also speak of His
    goodness which I am sure you can understand! My question is with little to
    no help how can I grow or what is the easiest way to grow potatoes for me
    without being able to do alot of labor the reason I am asking is because I
    am severely diabetic and need the vegie garden to improve my health and I
    have speckled butter beans doing well and cow peas creamy style and some
    other stuff but now grass is trying to take it over do you have any
    thoughts on that it would be very appreciated. Also on potatoes what is the
    best way in my condition if there is one. Ty for your time even if you
    can’t help me, I will pray God’s blessings on your family ty again for your
    time. I just found your channel tonight look forward to more videos :o)
    Sonya Again I totally understand if I am a lost cause in this area because
    I know it sounds impossible to get passed all these problems I just have
    such a desire to be able to go out and pick and cook my vegie so I can lose
    this weight. ty again:o) Country Girl Sonya?

  • Lori cook 5 years ago

    Beautiful Harvest, what kind of Sand do you use??

  • D Graf 5 years ago

    Hello, What type of sawdust was that hardwood or soft? I am thinking of
    using black plastic with many slits.?

  • Leah Gibbons 5 years ago

    Thank you for filming the excitement of the harvest! Beautiful job! We hope
    to be doing the same next spring. (not filming, but growing… :–) )?

  • mizzpoetrics 5 years ago

    Very impressive harvest!!!?

  • karenchakey 5 years ago

    Wow what a harvest! I had no idea you had to cure sweet potatoes after
    harvest! Thanks!?

  • j lee 5 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I grew some in VA when we lived there… I had an abundant
    harvest 1/2 of yours but all tubers were bored into by some type of worm
    1/8 inch holes in everyone we washed at ate them anyway but any ideas for
    control of this??

  • Kwang Yi 5 years ago

    I think it was your sweet potato Walmart was selling for less than
    $0.10/pound, couple of years ago. They are tasty but don’t do so well in
    storage; so many sweet potatoes, and now, even my dog will not eat them.?

  • TexasPrepper2 5 years ago

    Amazing !
    You sound like a kid in a candy store.
    I was in Spring last weekend… thought about calling you, but it was a
    quick trip, so couldn’t do it. Maybe some other time?

  • VelventoHelix 5 years ago

    Today i harvested mine… the biggest potatoe was 4,1 kg!!! All together 50
    kg on 8 m2. :D?