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Amazing Off Grid Yurt | Installing a Wood Stove – Part 2 – We are living off the grid in the Canadian Wilderness and attempting to install our new wood stove and wood stove chimney in our yurt. Winter is coming…will we be successful? Comment below… DID YOU MISS OUR YURT FINALE Part 1??? Click Here: We bought 8 acres of raw land, off grid, in the Canadian Wilderness and decided to build a tiny house as our first dwelling. Our Tiny House will be a Yurt. A Yurt or Yurta is a Mongolian Style Teepee or Tent. This Yurt build and Yurt life will be a journey, we hope you SUBSCRIBE and come with us! Enjoy #offgrid #tinyhouse #woodstove #alone #livingoffgrid #garden #offthegrid #boat #yurt #DIY #gardening Nicole and I are attempting to live off the grid in British Columbia, Canada. We have 8 acres of forest property sandwiched in between the Pacific Ocean, a fresh water lake, and a stream which flows year round from the lake into the ocean. For over nearly 10 years I grew a fruit tree, permaculture, garden, and native edible plant, herb, and raised bed garden food forest. You can still watch all the garden videos of my old desert garden in Arizona. I was born in British Columbia and I have returned to the Rain Forests of British Columbia to a “Raw Land” property to grow my 1st FULL EDIBLE FOOD FOREST Off Grid on a wilderness property. This climate is temperate and coastal, rarely seeing snow in the winter and highs in the 80’s (30 Celsius) in the summer. It is a rare microclimate that spans from gardening zone 7-9. The property is 8 acres and completely overgrown, mostly with conifer trees. This area is a verifiable rain forest […]

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