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John from takes you on a field trip to Profound Microfarm outside Dallas, Texas to show you how they are growing over 15,000 heads of lettuce in a greenhouse and much more on this full farm tour. In this episode, you will learn about a micro farm that has 1 acre under production in mostly greenhouses that grows food year-round in Dallas, Texas that supplies the top chefs in Dallas some high-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Jump to the following parts of this episode: 01:25 in less than 2 years he is the biggest farm selling to restaurants 04:30 1 Acre – Permaculture Food Forest in Process 05:30 Was going to be an Aquaponics Farm 07:50 Get Your own tour of this farm 09:40 Green House tour starts 10:05 Flood Table for Starting Seeds and Getting Plants Larger 11:55 Lettuce From Seed to Heads of Lettuce 13:49 Pea Microgreens growing under the sun in a flood table 15:35 Growing in Zip Towers Vertically 16:23 Should have said Richters Herbs 17:29 NFT Hydroponic “Rain Gutter” System 18:49 Edible Flowers are a Big Money Maker 20:11 Most Valuable Edible Flower 20:30 Grow this if you have spider mites 21:59 Kohlrabi for Leaves 22:35 Pink Celery 23:14 Ice Plant Edible Flowers 25:07 Edible Purple Oxalis Leaves + Flowers 26:14 Huacatay – Fragrant Herb from Peru 27:40 Papalo – Hot weather summer substitute 28:50 Is Hydroponic vs Soil Best? 29:51 Hydroponic Raft System growing over 15,000 spots of Lettuce 31:19 What happens when your leaves look off color 32:20 Soil Grown is Much easier to Manage 33:09 Walk Your Garden Everyday 34:04 Add trace minerals into your aquaponics and soil – Gropal 34:50 Bolting Lettuce – How to keep things cooler 36:14 What happens when lettuce bolts 37:08 Taste Testing Living Lettuce […]

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