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A clip showing the interior of Gandpa Domes and how its intricate systems work. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsFULLY AUTOMATED HYDROPONIC FARM | Modern Hydroponic Farming | Amazing Agriculture TechnologyAmazing Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm Grows 15,000 Heads of LettuceCleanest Lettuce Farm Japan Agriculture Techology – Hydroponic Lettuce and Riceখামারের খরচ কমাতে খুব সহজে তৈরি করুন মাটি ছাড়া ঘাস hydroponic grass for dairy farmAmazing Potatoes Hydroponic & Aquaponic Farming Technology#4 AMAZING VERTICAL GARDENING IDEAS FOR HOME | AQUAPONIC HYDROPONIC VERTICAL TOWER

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  • GhostsonAcid 5 years ago

    WOW! Fancy technology replacing jobs should be celebrated I say! This is
    awesome! Now all we need is a new economic structure that doesn’t rely on
    humans having “jobs” to “earn a living” to get access to things. Think
    about it: Once a few hydroponic systems like this are set up in a given
    area, they could provide food for 1,000s of homes. Why charge money then?
    Well, in this current economic model I can see why of course: profit. But,
    what if instead of caring about profit in terms of money, we cared about
    profit in terms of feeding people and freeing them from their own jobs
    (which are likely being replaced by technology too)??

  • MrMcUNO 5 years ago

    I get a errection when i see this system xD

  • Ben Stah 5 years ago

    With this system it allows reduction in work x force = amplification of the
    work x force = into other productive areas, basically you get your cake
    and eat it too !!! all smiles ?

  • Aquaponics 5 years ago
  • Edgardo leon 5 years ago

    You have a better solution GhostsonAcid. Its easy to criticize others who
    are actually doing something about the worlds
    food shortage. Everybody wants to save the world from there computer. ?

  • E Khasbagana 5 years ago

    seeds from Germany??

  • Ethel Young 5 years ago

    How can the USA improve on this design? The precision and application of
    mechanics, hydroponics and the plants will to life are intelengently
    implemented… Awsome!?

  • Marco Hercante 5 years ago

    how much in one kg please? 😀 this looks fucking expensive!?

  • Verum Quaerere Seek Truth 5 years ago

    Japan … what can I say? Simply amazing. Initial setup probably cost an
    arm and a leg. BUT after that, easy peasy I myself, slightly concerned
    about the human job cutting. Then again. Why do the entrepreneurs always
    have to stress about creating jobs if Labour/Health Departments are out the
    nail you. Even whilst looking after staff. Then think about all the lazy,
    striking, shit stirring, always late, wanting to leave early, bonus, staff
    members. I’ll settle for this any day. ?

  • Amin Kazemi 5 years ago
  • Mario Di Pietro 5 years ago

    me vine?

  • Andrew Rodgers 5 years ago
  • M Sukun 5 years ago

    Sin palabras, mis respetos para los Japoneses…?

  • Alica Bowling 5 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is that you will have to purchase “plant food”
    or nutrition and supplements which can be high-priced.?

  • John Chereson 5 years ago

    Very cool!?

  • Jeffery Kitchen 5 years ago

    Amazing Hydroponic farm Japan Gandpa Dome?

  • TheLamelyNamed 5 years ago

    What is the cost compared to traditional farming? ?

  • anders sipinen 5 years ago
  • Joseph Arenas 5 years ago
  • Zen Kitteh 5 years ago

    Those crazy Japanese.. always figuring out more efficient ways of doing
    things. The problem I see with this setup is the lack of labor. Labor is
    needed so people have jobs so they can buy the produce. No jobs = no money
    = no reason to grow in the first place.?

  • Rosebud Magazine 5 years ago

    Incredible and convenient.?

  • Trong Dung 5 years ago

    The downside of hydroponics is that you have to purchase “plant food” or
    nutrients and supplements that are more costly.?

  • isaac gould 5 years ago
  • Ram Mboje 5 years ago

    Aquaponics/hydroponics is an amazing system because it save a lot of time,
    man power and even it provide a fully nutritional product with
    required nutrients?