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Amazing High-Tech Hydroponic,Aeroponic Potatoes,Growing plants without soil,latest gardening technology. 📺Subscribe to My Channel and Get More Great videos about Science and technology, Modern High-Tech (machines, agriculture, livestock farming, vehicle etc.) Credit and for more information: Erol SINAN Potato Dr. Young-Seok Lim Professor Potato Daddy TV Theo putra irsan tamrin #Hydroponic #Aeroponic #Potatoes Amazing High-Tech Hydroponic,Aeroponic Potatoes,Growing plants without soil,latest gardening technology. Growing potatoes without soil, how to start hydroponic, aeroponic system? Growing vegetable with hydroponic, growing vegetable with aeroponic, greenhouse vegetable without soil. No soil, growth on root, growth in deserts/tundra, no pets, water saving, fast growth, no pesticides. Fantastisk højteknologisk hydroponisk, aeroponisk kartofler, dyrkende planter uden jord, nyeste havearbejde teknologi. Dyrkning af kartofler uden jord, hvordan man starter hydroponisk, aeroponisk system? Dyrkning af grøntsager med hydroponisk, voksende grøntsag med aeroponisk, drivhusgrøntsag uden jord. Ingen jord, vækst på rod, vækst i ørkener / tundra, ingen kæledyr, vandbesparelse, hurtig vækst, ingen pesticider. Hydroponique de haute technologie incroyable, pommes de terre aéroponiques, plantes en croissance sans terre, dernière technologie de jardinage. Cultiver des pommes de terre sans terre, comment démarrer un système hydroponique et aéroponique? Légume de culture hydroponique, légume de culture aéroponique, légume de serre sans terre. Pas de sol, croissance sur racine, croissance dans les déserts / toundra, pas d’animaux, économie d’eau, croissance rapide, pas de pesticides. Erstaunliche High-Tech-Hydroponik, Aeroponikkartoffeln, Anbau von Pflanzen ohne Erde, neueste Gartentechnologie. Kartoffeln ohne Erde anbauen, wie startet man ein hydroponisches, aeroponisches System? Anbau von Gemüse mit Hydroponik, Anbau von Gemüse mit Aeroponik, Gewächshausgemüse ohne Erde. Kein Boden, Wurzelwachstum, Wachstum in Wüsten / Tundra, keine Haustiere, Wassersparen, schnelles Wachstum, keine Pestizide. Fantastisk høyteknologisk hydroponisk, aeroponisk poteter, dyrking av planter uten jord, siste hageteknologi. Å dyrke poteter uten jord, hvordan starte hydroponisk, aeroponisk system? Dyrking av grønnsak med hydroponisk, voksende grønnsak med aeroponisk, drivhusgrønnsak […]

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  • Kukrigon the King 1 week ago

    I just came from another hydroponic farming video where a commenter said you couldn't grow potatoes because they would rot in a humid environment. From what I can see in this video, that's obviously wrong. I see you have grown many types of potatoes, and they all look delicious! Excellent work!

  • irsan tamrin 1 week ago

    thank you for putting my video in part of your content, hopefully useful for everyone. Heres original video

  • Aaron Marsh 1 week ago

    How many times a day do you water

  • Ravi Sri 1 week ago

    I need to do this in my farms for potato seeds can I know full details contact

  • Mandie Garrett 1 week ago

    Besides many benefits this method offers BUT one really great benefit for me is NO SOIL…means less washing.

  • Angela Costlow 1 week ago

    This is amazing, but so hard to find. I've been searching for how to grow potatoes without soil for months now and just found this.

  • الدوحة المملوحة 1 week ago

    That is really nice results
    What was the TDS and PH ? During the grow

  • DRCongo HeartofAfrica 1 week ago

    Sorry, it’s me again with another question.. how do you make sure your nutrient spray film is evenly distributed around your roots? Do you like have so many spray nozzles set out around the system?

    Also, what types of nutrients do you use? Would you be able to advise on nutrient NPK ratio and any extra trace nutrients in your solution..thanks for sharing this video and thanks in advance..

  • Harvhey Menor 1 week ago

    Is there a water below in it?

  • DRCongo HeartofAfrica 1 week ago

    Wow this is really interesting.. I have one question.. are the roots and tubers totally immersed into hydroponic solution? Is this hydroponic similar to deep water culture systems where a solution is slowly drained as the plants grow? Many thanks in advance..

  • kishen kriz 1 week ago

    Camera men useless