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jeans planter tutorial: Is your lawn or garden missing that special little something? Most of us have a few things laying around the house that have served their purpose, but now just seems to take up space. What if I told you that you can transform your old things into unique planters for your garden?  The solutions here will not only rid your house of clutter, but will incorporate unique touches to your special outdoor space. Keep watching for the ideas! 1.Boot planter. Not only can this be a precious way to remember your children as they grow up, but your plants will be protected from slugs and other ground insects. Different styles and colors will make this planter stand out.  2.Tire Planter. Don’t you dare throw out that old tire! Use it for a planter instead. You can get creative with the paint color and overflow the planter with bright blooms to really make it stand out. Simply leave the planter on the ground and it looks just as great!  another option for an old tire is Tire Swing Planter You can hang it in a favorite tree or even attach it to the side of a fence or porch. 3. wood barrel planter. Rather than plant the flowers in the basket, you can create an optical illusion of spilled flowers. Turn the barrel on its side and plant blooms of your choice. A precious reminder that spilled flowers are gorgeous, too!  You can create the same effect with a clay pots. Just use your creativity. 4.Bicycle Planter. Have an old bicycle laying around? Eye-catching bicycle planters are one of the more popular planter ideas around, adorning the doorways of stores and restaurants everywhere. However much we see them though, we can’t deny that they look absolutely fantastic! . […]

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  • Patty M-R 9 months ago

    Omg!!! Those are too cute!!!

  • Tacky!

  • MRTN13 9 months ago

    What kind of plants can I put in my second hand sex doll?

  • Alan Lepage 9 months ago

    These are really great ideas and I might try a couple. Thank you for posting it.

  • احمد باقر 9 months ago

    very very very nice
    thank you good luck

  • Bruce 8 months ago

    The tires and bikes would get stolen! Those jeans were in good enough shape to donate rather than make a feeble and tacky attempt to emulate Martha Stewart! However there was nothing on the squeeze tube of flowers to give it scale! Are the flowers normal size? That would make the dimensions about a 4 ft. tube, would that be correct? I'm surprised that there were no other appliances used! The barrels from the inside of washers! Dryers with flowers tumbling out! Old wooden console TV's! No matter what you do you should confine it to the privacy of your backyard! After all you have a responsibility to your neighbors to keep the market value of the neighborhood at the very least and because landscaping is borderline art, literally, and because not all people share the same taste in art! Therefore radical departure from the acceptable themes in the neighborhood can draw hostility from others not immediately adjacent to your property, that is if your bordering neighbors haven't already commented! However, If donating to a charity does not agree with you and if you still just can't help yourself and are inclined to use jeans, then cut off and use the legs for sandbags as retaining walls for planters, that is, if you absolutely must recycle your jeans rather than donating them! The idea would be more practical if it was hemp instead of denim!

  • Food And Health 8 months ago

    thank for share.

  • suhani tiwari 8 months ago

    Nice video

  • Kutubuddin Shahin 8 months ago

    Really awesome.

  • Sassy Cat 8 months ago

    Super cute ideas.

  • Jay Dee 8 months ago

    Fucking Click Baited…………………..

  • peggyt1243 8 months ago

    My neighbours would be disgusted and appalled if I used an old toilet or tire for a planter. These are totally trashy things to do; dog patch decor.

  • Serai3 8 months ago

    Isn't it incredible how easy it is to steal other people's work, slap a narration on it, and claim it as yours?

  • Harry Irvine 8 months ago

    I watched this and I still threw away my old jeans. Can I have my money back?

  • Jo Lind 8 months ago

    You forgot the old crates for strawberry planters. You can paint and stack them and they look great.

  • Grandma Sandy 8 months ago

    Great Great ideas on repurpose.

  • The Upward Look 8 months ago

    Wonderful ideas…I am thrilled….

  • kevi meru 8 months ago

    Beautiful. Thanks.