Added by on 2016-06-08 Can’t decide whether to grow in soil or hydroponically in a hydroponics system? Why not use both with a true soil and hydroponics hybrid technology! Introducing Air Injection Technology for SOIL, an exclusive ModularHydro technology. Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesAll About Flushing (Leaching) with HydroponicsKnow About NFT System Of Hydroponics- How It Works- Problems And How TO OvercomeEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHydroponics,Know all about Hydroponics,Hydroponics in Hindi, Simplified Hydroponics IndiaAll About Hydroponics

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  • oggyreidmore 4 years ago

    This is basically a complicated version of air pruning. The roots get exposed to air and cauterize. The cauterization triggers them to develop dense, finely packed root hairs along the cauterized root. This leads to better nutrient absorption and faster growth. You can accomplish the same thing by growing in grow bags rather than plastic pots.

  • Soonmush 4 years ago

    Bull shit

  • Ba d Neighbour 4 years ago

    I cant concentrate on this, i just wanna watch the cat! Top right.

  • Robert Miller 4 years ago

    I have 4 tomato plants in 20 liter buckets with compost and earthworms. I'm about to do this same thing using this air injection technology. Does anybody know if this will kill my earthworms or not? They do absorb oxygen through their skins so they should be fine. Has anybody tried this yet?

  • Jonathan Handel 4 years ago

    I can get similar results with hydrogen peroxide

  • tat2plat 4 years ago

    I already have 3 Air injection technologies I'm currently using! My fish love the bubbles!

  • Indicafatbud 4 years ago

    check this out.. take soil. add 50 to 75 percent perlight.. same results without a pump..

  • Seth Noble 4 years ago

    Wow! You all must be Bernie Sanders voters cause I've never seen so much shit talking about something in my life. At least the guy is trying to do something rather than bitching at someone else for trying. You guys need to get a life and stop bagging on the guy.

  • cheap hydroponix 4 years ago

    come check out my hydro video

  • Cannabis Aquaponics 4 years ago

    interesting, but I'd say it's an oxymoron. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but "without soil", therefore, this method of growing can't be associated with hydroponics in any way shape of form. This method is something else…

  • TheVoiceofReason 1 4 years ago

    Who fucking cares? The relatively negligible difference in size does NOT warrant the huge extra expense of procuring and running an electric device, sorry. FAIL.

  • Phoenix Marzrover 4 years ago

    So you gave one plant water and the other one did not get water ?!

  • the general 4 years ago

    HAHA! Huh yeah. You didn't really "PIONEER" this technology like you are stating. I have seen this back in the in the late 90's all it is is either an pump with a air stone or bendable hose connected to it. Nothing big. Long term past 2 WEEKS it has risk of mold and roots eventually dying. This has been tried before. HERES A CHEAP DIY. GET A 5 GALLON BUCKET AND PLACE A 3 OR A 5 INCH NET POT UPSIDE DOWN WITH A BIG AIR STONE UNDER IT THE NET POT. THEN FILL THE 5 GALLON UP WITH YOUR CHOICE OF MEDIUM.

  • ran dom 4 years ago

    Will molds be able to grow in the airated soil or does the airation not let them to grow.

  • Lucas Williams 4 years ago

    This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen.. not really the technique here.. but "Soil Injection Technology" lol ..
    So something is being sold here? The tubing?

  • David Dicioccio 4 years ago

    What kind of nutrince? For (soil or hydroponic)

  • Johnny Bonghead 4 years ago

    If this actually works i want to have that.or i could just use a air pump

  • Joe Smartballs 4 years ago

    Mold in soil. I got 45 degree nights. Mold grows in cold damp places, and alge grows in warm damp places like a swimming pool. Got to let your soil dry out to kill fungus. If you got a pot with drain holes, just suspend it so the bottom isn't touching the ground and air can flow threw the holes better. Can also drill holes in the side of the pots for air. If you drill on the side drill lots of small holes so roots can't grow threw them.
    I use wicking pots, and you can control how wet it stays, by what you use for wicks.

  • seanosomething 4 years ago

    Two words bro….


    Fuck that system……