What do growers do when they flush their plants? Should you use pure water for the final flush or a flushing / clearing agent? How long should you flush for? Are some hydroponic growing media easier to flush than others? Do soil grown plants need flushing? How does flushing / leaching avoid toxicity build-ups / nutrient lock-out and improve the taste and flavor of your produce? Learn all about flushing in five minutes.
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All About Flushing (Leaching) with Hydroponics

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  • Rob

    It was helpful. It's the 4th time I've watched and, it's starting to make sense. I'm guessing if the ppms are about 100 less, it's working and they're eating. Maybe it's time to bump up the nutrients. Sometimes, the pH is actually higher and I'm unclear on that. More research!!!!!

    Thanks, Everest. You've made my project easier and more productive.

  • SebsGrowingGlobal

    your videos are great. Quick, solid info that every grower NEEDS to know. Have a blessed day man, and thank you for the awesome content! 🙂

  • Bmo Dex

    When you deal with deep water culture you said all you have to do is change out the plant. And I assume you follow the rule from before where you just do quarter strength and half strength in the following days leading up to harvest. But would you ever need to use florakleen with RO water with dwc

  • justadbeer

    Questions for all the bud growers. So I've been doing hydro for quite some time now and have never flushed my res. To be honest, I've never seen the need and always had good outcomes. I'm thinking I would like to try it to see if there is any diff in the outcome. So my 1st question: Can I simply pump out my main res from time-to-time and change out the water/nutes (which flows into two separate reservoirs where the plants are), or do I need to remove the plants and clean down everything, which would only be possible when the plants are small anyways.
    And my 2nd question: How long can/do you guys let a res run without anything planted in it? I was prepping my 2nd tent but it's been close to a month and a half and the clones are not ready to go in yet. There are no nutes in it and I have been adding a small amount of bleach once or twice a week to keep everything clean (water temps are at a constant 65 f ) Should I just pump it out and leave it dry from now on after a grow and simply fill it a week or so before needed? Thoughts?

  • Red Dead Dylan

    Ok, so I have a recirculating system I change each week.. I am a new grower, so this is all new. You are saying flush each time I change my nutrients? And how long do I flush for at the end of veg? And do I flush then for a week at the end? And also at the end of Flower do I just reduce to half strength.

  • jaime delgado

    damn this is what I call a quality vid. loads of info fast. no nonsense. ive only seen this one vid but imma sub. you earn it

  • Dale Val

    Does speed talking make you feel important ? Your info was valid but your hyper babble made me say bye Fuck this. this guy's on too tight a schedule or needs get off the speed on video day

  • shane molloy

    Hi pal . I have a fruiting annual lol and its flowering . I see either cal mg deficient or PK toxic . I flushed with a low solution no change can i assume deficient ? I only put 5 litres flush through slab 100 cm 2 x 6 inch cubes . Is that enough . 2.5 then again 2.5 flush .

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