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Sorry for the lack of videos lately! School has been a bitch… Anyway, all this week, Cartoon Network has been showing an all new mini-series, Over the Garden Wall, and man, it is the greatest mini-series ever shown on television!!!! It’s as if Adventure Time (which, by the way, most of the crew from AT helped make this show possible!), The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Gravity Falls had a baby, and it is beautiful! So, here are all 10 songs from this new classic! Now, I know that fighting between Turner and Dish Network has cost many of you the ability to have Cartoon Network, so as a kindness, I present to you ALL ten episodes for download:!whtUBZaC!CkP30CY-3nHOq0oZkfBFzA Songs in order: 1. Over the Garden Wall- Jack Jones 2. Into the Unknown (Theme Song)- Jack Jones 3. Like Ships- Elijah Wood and Shannyn Sossamon 4. Patient is the Night- Chris Issak 5. Forward, Oneiroi- Deborah Voigt 6. The Highwayman Song- Blind Boy Paxton 7. Come Wayward Souls- Samuel Ramey 8. A Courting Song- Frank Fairfield 9. Langtree’s Lament- Janet Klein 10. Potatoes and Molasses- Collin Dean All rights go to Cartoon Network, Patrick McHale, The Blasting Company, Jack Jones and all of the other singers featured in this video. I OWN NOTHING! This video is used in Fair Use. Cartoon Network, thank you for this blessing of a series. Just, thank you! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOver The Garden Wall | Patient is the Night | Songs of the Series | Cartoon NetworkHalloween/Thanksgiving Special – Atomic Reacts: Over The Garden Wall Episodes 1-5 (Part 1)Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall (+Ghost Story!)Bloodborne + Over The Garden Wall: Style Mash-Up ChallengeOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkOver the Garden Wall Complete Miniseries Review

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  • Caroline M 4 years ago

    This makes me want it to be fall already!

  • I am a Spoon Not a Fork 4 years ago

    Is the patient is the night song dung by the frog?

  • Catie the Scribble 4 years ago

    my god. the music in this show. it's bloody a masterpiece.

  • these songs are all beautiful

  • cartoonfanatic addict AdultSwim 4 years ago

    love this

  • Vinnícius Cedraz Ribeiro 4 years ago

    Here's is a little tribute of mine to the show. I really think I did well, so check it out:

    (a tribute to the show's tribute to t.rex)

  • puppyhowler 4 years ago

    such a lovely song, so sad yet peaceful, kind of sounds like something you'd play at a funeral

    wait a minute…

  • Jack Baer 4 years ago

    this soundtrackkkkk

  • Archie Hreen 4 years ago

    I love how you made the video end with "that's enough!"

  • Justin Carson 4 years ago

    Glorious mini-series!

  • Faider Pabon 4 years ago

    This serie was amazing, I loved it, even I liked the soundtrack, definitely it was perfect, but can somebody tell me the songs' names? please or some way to find it in other places… thanks

  • Mark Huerta 4 years ago

    I will be forever changed for having watch this wonderful dream. …thank you. p.s. make more please. .

  • ArashiAiko 4 years ago

    I miss this series. It was so beautiful, and so sad.

  • TheOddSusie 4 years ago


  • Andrej Nikolov 4 years ago


    Over the garden wall was based by dante's inferno. The unknown is hell.

  • Kassandra Flores 4 years ago

    omg watch Trey the explainer, he explains the theory of over the garden wall, trust me you won't regret it

  • the courting song is beautiful and amazing… h.ow does one make ur voice tremble like that while singing

  • TheShippingOne 4 years ago


  • AwesomeAMVs 4 years ago

    Bless your soul for making this video! I love this show, and the music is amazing!
    Though I think you're missing the beast song, that the tavern lady sings.

  • gilzineto 4 years ago

    Thank you soooooo much for this!