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Green Roofs


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  • Is she wearing Mechano as a necklace?

  • Valeria Mejia 10 months ago

    I got no roots

  • Eddy Rockwood 10 months ago

    I thought this was Lorde, but I love it all the same.

  • Darjan 10 months ago

    Very powerful song! Sing you at Exit

  • Julio Santiago 10 months ago

    I listen to this song on the radio and it captured all my attention since the first time I heard.
    Keszia meets Adele meets Florence Welch. So powerful song.

  • bella rkin 10 months ago


  • Mattboy 10 months ago

    Am Here Cause I Heard This Song In The Radio At 2018 And It Was Amazing (=

  • David Sierra 10 months ago

    I thought she was saying " I've got no rules"

  • Дмитрий Вишняков 10 months ago


  • Anya Ivanova 10 months ago

    если честно,то от клипа ожидала большего,а песня класс)

  • Corranorn 10 months ago

    I like the touch of "Another one bites the dust" in it!

  • Carlo Apicella 10 months ago

    Si io sono italiano

  • オナルド・ダック 10 months ago


  • Michelina Gravante 10 months ago


  • The original Jackal 10 months ago

    When I first heard this on the radio I thought it was Fiona Apple

  • xfgu Xjjg 10 months ago

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