Added by on 2016-06-09 Aleksandra O’Connor — landscape garden designer Aleksandra O’Connor was born and grew up in the Far East of Russia. She graduated in 1980 from Technical Institute of Khabarovsk with Architectural degree. She worked in a lot of different areas form Director of Art Gallery to insurance sales person in international company. Despite all that she found her passion about landscape design. She opened her first own landscape design company in 1992. 15 years as Executive Owner Operator demonstrating vision, innovation, creativity, planning and hands-on management of landscape design working with clients on major commercial to domestic projects from concept to installation. Aleksandra has 4 years experience working in Atlantic Canada. Her design work reflects her background, blending Eastern and Western aesthetics and philosophies. Video Rating: / 5 Related – red checked wooly abaya with pocketYoshi’s Wooly World Part 1: Yarn Yoshi Takes ShapeTiny Turntable plays “Wooly Bully” ..Watch it now, Watch It !!!!woolyIn That an Herb in Your Pocket? (vertical gardening)PASSWORDS – Un show ******** (Living Walls)

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