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The main architect and caretaker of our gardens, Alesha, talks to us about the work she does and the gardens she loves. The gardens here at Victoria’s Cordova Bay Golf Course cause frequent comment from our guests. The golfers will mention the numerous flower beds dotted around the course. Folks dining in the restaurant will ask about the beautiful gardens that line the entrance to the club house and surround the patio. The surprise to most people is that the wonderful food they eat is also often from vegetable gardens right here on the property. There’s been much talk about the 100 mile diet — we like to think of it as the 100 yard diet. In this video I show you how we are planting our tomatoes using the Mittleider gardening method. We are using a trellis system for vertical growing. Check out my previous videos on how I built this grow bed: and how to build a trellis system for vertical growing: Resources: -You can buy the Mittleider course book at: -Micro-Nutrient Mix: – Baler Twine: – Water Wand: -Lower tension wire: -Water timer: My Website: Social Media: Like us on Face Book: Join our Face book group:… Twitter: Instagram: Other Mittleider You tubers you may be interested in: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSustainable High Altitude Gardening Education Course (SAGE)Intro to e-organic gardening courseUrban Gardening CourseKiss the Ground's Regenerative Gardening & Living – Course PreviewSpirituality of Gardening Online Course20200416NOFANJ Organic Gardening Course Session 3

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  • rick padgett 4 years ago

    This is much to close for indeterminate tomatoes.I don't care how vertical you get.Indeterminate tomatoes get about 3 ft. wide and 6-8 ft tall.This is a very strange way to garden.

  • Heather Rundquist 4 years ago

    I'd love to see the comparison, too!

  • Wing Walker 4 years ago

    Very nice. Can't wait to see how they grow. :-)

  • LDSPrepper 4 years ago

    You may consider adding some nitrogen fertilizer when you transplant. That will greatly help with the transplant shock. It is what is recommended with the Mittleider gardening method.