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UPDATE 4/26/13 “NRC Begins Special Inspection at La Salle Nuclear Plant ” for details see La Salle Nuclear ALERT! Systems Failures Continue, VIGILANCE REQUIRED —————————————————————————————————————– UPDATE We have been made aware of at least one UNCONFIRMED report of a Radiation Alarm / Alert occurring down wind of this incident. See this link below: ——————————————— (c)2013 Chicago almost became a glowing radioactive sister city to Fukushima. Yesterday we broke the story of the La Salle Nuclear plant having to perform a Fukushima style direct-to-atmosphere venting of the primary nuclear containment due to a lightening strike. As we indicated at the time, the amount of radioactivity released is unknown because the radiation monitors were not on a backup power supply. Today in a follow on NRC event report, we find out that failures in the emergency cooling system resulted in the last ditch cooling attempt of directly venting the radioactive drywell to the atmosphere. The severity of those failures are underreported in the NRC event report, because it reads no different than if it the failures had been discovered during testing instead of being found out in the midst of a real life emergency resulting in the last ditch cooling effort of venting. We explain the situation in more detail in the video, but gist of the analysis is as follows. 1. Lightning took out power to both reactors. 2. Backup generators kicked on, but powering everything would overload them 3. The systems which measure how much radiation is being vented from the plant did not have power. 4. The reactors lost cooling capability. 5. Automatic emergency cooling kicked in. 6. The automated emergency cooling on Unit 2 was failing. 7. As a last ditch effort, Unit 2 primary containment was vented to the atmosphere. 8. The venting […]

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  • Klopek Nadhammer 1 year ago

    This is nonsense from someone with no understanding of what he's talking about.

  • James Doyle 1 year ago

    This plant did not even come close on taking out Chicago. Must be anti-nuke.

  • gkam44 1 year ago

    La Salle is a Fukushima clone.

    I worked on the safety systems of these turkeys.  They are dangerous, costly, and deadly.  We do not need ten-million-degree Neutrons to boil water.

  • gkam44 1 year ago

    Primary coolant is intensely radioactive!!

    They CANNOT say nobody was uninjured!

  • gkam44 1 year ago

    I performed safety studies on the types of safety systems they have at the La Salle plant in 1979.   This technology is NOT safe!!

    Do NOT trust these folk with nuclear power!

  • Jason Sereno 1 year ago

    Moron!! Get a clue before posting Anti Nuke BS!! Learn the design of the plant you idiot!!

  • Sean Tanton 1 year ago

    Please get your facts right before you post these videos. The plant responded as designed. The core was never vented. The health and safety of the public was never in danger.

  • limed99 1 year ago

    HPCS has to overcome pressure in the drywell???? Not true (4:45)

    Venting the drywell and venting the core…apples and oranges dude.

    Potr….you should study nuke power 101 before you try and scare the public. 

  • Justin Wood 1 year ago

    Based on the current reading I bet in a couple days Texas and Louisiana are going to have some severe thunderstorms/tornados.

  • Justin Wood 1 year ago

    Ok. No problem. Apparently someone doesn't want the truth to be known though 😉 you can go to theweatherspace doot com and they have a haarp status map. shortwave and longwave. the shortwave is a brand new feature. Lots of other cool stuff on their too. Good Luck :)

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    I didn't downvote. I'm not a dis-believer in HAARP. It was a serious question. How do you know it was active for 3 days other than the assumption based on the weather pattern? Is there some way to tell through website, report, etc? I'm seriously interested in HAARP and trying to find out info.

  • Justin Wood 1 year ago

    Downvote my comment all that you want. it doesn't change the truth. You can find the HAARP status online and you can clearly see the radio frequency ripples on the Weather Channel's own forecasting maps.

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    just like Sandy Hook.

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    BOTH previous events had to do with the lake. Ring a bell?

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    You're either an idiot or you're lying. NOBODY gets to the control room without proper access. Level 12 for example can only go between certain hours of the day. Level 10 requires supervised access.

    Tell me, do you or did you work at LaSalle station? If so, I can prove quite easily that I did. Remember the time that the plant manager (who drove an H1 at the time) authorized hunters to kill the geese (in a wildlife sanctuary) and someone distributed a letter explaining why it was wrong?

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    How do you know it was active for 3 days over the midwest?

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    Then I guess the sirens that went off telling people that there was nuclear contamination in the air was not a problem for you. Well, for those of us that live there, we have a problem with it. Also, there have been 2 other events that almost caused mass destruction that went unreported as well. Because of how much tax dollars they pay out to the area, they have a lot of power.

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    If you would like to explain the "coaching" that contractors get past for the NGET Level 2 testing, I'm sure they'd love to hear that too. When I sat through my testing, there were a few contractors on their 3rd attempt with people sitting with them "explaining the questions VERY thoroughly" if you know what I mean… AT LASALLE STATION.

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    make that two. When I reposted this on facebook, a buddy responded that he and a friend were in the car when it went off.

  • McHale72 1 year ago

    You're an idiot.