Alan Titchmarsh demonstrates how to make a lawn using seed – a great-value way to create a lovely lawn.

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Alan Titchmarsh's Summer Garden | How to Make a Lawn Using Seed | Waitrose and Partners

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  • Raymond Anderson

    I have lifted around 8 slabs as I'm wanting a full garden of grass but as I have lift the slabs the soil was mixed with stones and I have took away most of the stones away. I have bought fresh soil to put on top and grass seeds.. what I'm wanting to know is will the grass still grow

  • stilt

    Dreadful Mr. T. You really needed to add top grade 1 top soil to that stone infested mess. Putting a level line down gives one a greater degree of accuracy in ensuring the lawn will be level and true to the gradient of the garden. Do your stomp but you should use a long piece of 2 x 2 wood to flatten the soil out, fill the shallows and stomp again. Repeat.. When it comes to the first cut one should use lazy backs rather than an mower as mowers can tug young grass out from the soil. Do this and as you inch forward stand on a plank and this presses the new shoots into the soil. A very gentle rake above soil level to remove cut grass. I would wait til grass is inch and half before cut. Keep soil moist established.

  • George Konstantinos Bouzalis

    Grass planting i think is a f****g science hehe.I tried many times and the result always is poor. Here in Greece the weather is crazy so i will try again with your method in 10 days.Thanx for the video : )

  • Nabil Sheikh

    After watching this video and many like this, I followed the instructions and I would advise that you make deep holes in the area that you want to seed before planting the seed. By putting holes in the ground you will ensure that grass will root and not come loose once the seed has produced the grass. The grass will be firmly in the ground.

    I would also recommend laying some compost in the area and leaving it for 3 day, before seeding. The compost will provide nourishment for the raw seeds.

    Rain water will also provide nitrogen to help the seeds produce grass.

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