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  • Abdul Makhboor 5 years ago


  • Vanessa Odom Machen 5 years ago

    What a great video!

  • ahaya1 5 years ago

    hi weve subscribed to your channel its great,i hope you can come check us out and subscribe with us,lets stay connected?

  • Exciotech Garden Services 5 years ago

    Thanks for uploading the video. Enjoyed watching it?

  • Gameplay Central 5 years ago

    527585285585758966747855585885545665 iluminati confirmed?

  • jdl871 5 years ago

    Such good information paired with good music! Thanks for the upload!?

  • star child 5 years ago

    I am in the USA also and he is awesome! He is a fantastic teacher. There is no one else on youtube who can teach like he does, although you would like Growing Your Greens, his name is John and he is also a good teacher is you are into organics. But this guy, you should watch Love your Garden series. OMG dream gardens. Isn't there anyone in the USA doing that???

  • belazela 5 years ago

    The Brits are the best gardeners?

  • Dana Bidlake 5 years ago
  • Sam I am Not 5 years ago

    I don't know why, but I started watching this at 0.5 speed and it's Fantastic!!!

  • Sri Cellularcare 5 years ago


  • Dewayne Marion 5 years ago

    Does a greenhouse in hot climates work??

  • Dewayne Marion 5 years ago

    I am making the shift to full organic. It is a mind shift and sometimes old habits pop up. ?

  • Rebecca U Karlin 5 years ago

    I have just planted my vegetables and learning to care for them each time I watch you and I just love doing it.

  • Tree Fresh4 5 years ago

    28:00 Nice finish and very true.

  • runnerbean runnerbean 5 years ago

    to all that comment on this vid,alan knows his stuff thats for sure,but this is bbc tv,you dont think that things will you now.not when its made for tv.good vids alan.?

  • One Channel 5 years ago


  • Rose Howell 5 years ago

    Hi alan ..I'm not sure why you have to spoil your good videos with music… it is very irritating. we are gardeners…silence is golden apart from the wind rustling through the beans and the birds singing..

  • ByeByeBird Tape 5 years ago

    You are very helpful :)?