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Watch the official video for “Roof Garden” from seven-time Grammy Award winning American jazz singer, Al Jarreau. Share this video on Facebook: Video Rating: / 5 Roof Garden Design and Installation by Life Green Systems. Drainage Cell is an ideal structural and lightweight system designed for Planter Box and Roof Garden applications.The Drainage Cell will function as a protective membrane for waterproofing on concrete slabs, walls and provide ventilation for concrete slabs, alleviating heat induced stress and cracking Related PostsBUSH “The Sound Of Winter” (Live on The Roof) HD Official VideoAl Jarreau – Roof GardenIn concert Al Jarreau 1980 part 1 roof gardenAL JARREAU – Roof Garden (Best of Al Jarreau)Al Jarreau – Roof Garden ☆ Live In London • 1984 [HQ AUDIO]Al Jarreau – Roof Garden (live, 1994)

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  • UBZUKKI 2 years ago

    That video….Oh well..T'was the 80's…..Great music?

  • Jim Burnes 2 years ago

    This is an awesome song and performance, but the 80's workout video was a crap choice to go with it. Something like Bob Fosse stylish choreography would have been much better. Anything would have been better — just a walk through central park or something.?

  • Joshua Tree 2 years ago

    Everyone is special in my world, I can not define who is the greatest, but I do know who is great. To me, Al Jarreau is God send, and you can see it , hear it. You can feel him.?

  • Kimono sobek 2 years ago

    Al Jerrau is a master of jazz as well as contemporary music.. He is also a multiple Grammy Winner.. Just some quick facts to introduce this true legend to the fans… Get to know Al Jerreau, and you will realise that they don't create "music gods" like him anymore..?

  • Alex Donald 2 years ago

    They play this song at Hibbett sports?

  • Jason Railson 2 years ago

    Is it me or the ladies those days looked sexier??

  • H4CK3R zZ 2 years ago

    Aljarreu a cara do presidente Barack Obama!?

  • Michele Bragg 2 years ago

    great song….scary video?

  • Tom de Kler 2 years ago

    Why does Al Jarreau have all of the mannerisms of a really old man?
    Hunched posture, bit of a grimaced face, pants pulled up over his bellybutton, minimal dancing…?

  • Maria Helena De Sousa Eudes 2 years ago

    Al Jarreau lembra muito o presidente Barack Obama…?

  • Jan Holder 2 years ago

    Really…!!?? What an awful video for such a great singer.?

  • Carl Toy 2 years ago

    Great song!!?

  • Linda Williams 2 years ago

    Roof Garden is my absolute fav of Al Jurreau music!!?

  • Krisztinaa Roman 2 years ago

    love this song.?

  • powermonkyz 2 years ago

    why is this not a meme?

  • Hazakim Ministries 2 years ago

    When I see him I cant help but think 80s merengue.?

  • patrice l 2 years ago

    Steve Gadd

  • Ivo van damme 2 years ago

    Pretty good ;)?

  • Toni Price 2 years ago

    Beautiful classic my absolute FAVORITE since I was a kid.?

  • MrQmason 2 years ago

    3:10 Chuck Norris on keys?

  • Puni Gowda 2 years ago

    can u plz help me to instal this life green system plz?

  • priyankisms 2 years ago

    B' ful and Helps u to stay in Fresh Enviroment!?