In this video I tested two hydroponic grow methods to see which consumes less water. This test initially is done without growing any plants for a control. In a future video I will be testing these methods by growing plants.
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Airstone vs Aeroponics – Something Overlooked…

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  • Robert Linnaeus

    Thank you for sharing all of your tests – I've learned a lot from the videos. How about growth tests? Have you tried your aeroponic method vs DWC with a high oxygen plant like peppers?

  • Bob Farrell

    Hi, really good videos, thanks for making them. Would be interested to see you talk in more detail about how you set each system up. Keep up the good work

  • Anton Gully

    Just found you and this is pretty intriguing. Gut instinct says that the airstone, with the small bubbles, is going to aerate MUCH more efficiently, so you're just sacrificing aeration for convenience. The fact the airstone is evaporating considerably more water away would seem to bear that out, because there's probably a greater water/air interface with the mass of small bubbles, compared to a few streams of water hitting the surface. I'd also be curious to see if either method causes the water to heat up. ie forcing the air through the airstone or the water through the holes in the pipe requires pressure and a fluid under pressure generates heat. May not be significant but possibly worth checking temperatures since the containers are, presumably, going to be side by side if I understand correctly. Also will both aeration methods be using identical pumps? You should maybe check the power draw of each as well, if you can.

    I wish I had the room for this sort of thing. All my hydroponic space is currently turned over to raising seedlings.

  • Jennifer Gomez

    Are you going to do a side by side grow, with a fruiting plant to see if there are any yield differences? For example your Kratky method versus DWC.

  • Mr Eighty Twenty

    Hi the problem i have with aeroponics is that the misters block up and you spend many hours cleaning or replacing them… Your thoughts, compared to the DWC system.. Yes adding a cup of water over a few days is not that hard to do ….