Air-Powered DWC Hydroponics System, DIY

This is a simple DWC hydroponics system created fairly inexpensively
using a bucket, net pot, general hydroponics waterfarm replacement kit,
and an airpump. Parts were under for everything and may be cheaper
depending on what you already have.

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Specific information related to this DWC project can be found on it’s post here:

Air-Powered DWC Hydroponics System, DIY

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  • Shane Monke

    Shit setup, use a venturi will be much quieter, more O2, plus it's adjustable as far as water & O2, over thinking it, best setup I've discovered after 15 years is aeroponics/aquaponics/DWC basically a DWC system w/ air in w/ Veturi's & aquaponics for nutes

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